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July 18, 2024

Why Didn’t the Sliding Doors of the Kaiser Darrin Catch On?

From the Wayback Machine all the way to December 2012. This is an interesting subject about a timeless, unique American car. Mike Gulett, Editor by Mike Gulett - Kaiser Motors was formed in 1945 as Kaiser-Frazer. They changed the … [Read more...]

Was the Glasspar G2 the First Fiberglass Sports Car?

by Mike Gulett - At one time I thought that the Kaiser Darrin was the first fiberglass production sports car. My first thought is that I could not have been wrong but then I realized that I have been wrong plenty of times before. So, I did … [Read more...]

The First Fiberglass Sports Car – The Kaiser Darrin

by Mike -  Kaiser Motors Kaiser Motors was formed in 1945 as Kaiser-Frazer. They changed the company name to Kaiser Motors and merged with Willys Overland in 1953 and changed the name again to Willys Motors Incorporated. The company name … [Read more...]