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June 25, 2019

Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe – An Elegant Classic Car At The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

by Mike –

This is a Lincoln – really? This is one example of what beautiful classic cars can be created when an American car company gets together with an Italian car designer; a 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe.

Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe

Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe

All will be explained by the Pebble Beach Car Guide – read on,

After taking control of Ford Motor Company from his father Edsel Ford in 1945, Henry Ford II was anxious to bring the company into the modern era. The Lincoln-Zephyr and Cosmopolitan were obvious examples of this new direction, but this much more radical car was ordered for the 1955 Turin Motor Show.

At the time, many Italian coachbuilders were forming alliances with the American motor companies, which had deeper pockets. Ford turned to Felice Mario Boano to design and build the Lincoln Indianapolis and his son, Gian Paolo Boano, carried out the work. After its Turin debut Henry Ford II used it for a time, and later it is believed that he gave it to his friend Errol Flynn.

A thorough restoration was started in 2002, utilizing Boano’s original designs. It is finished in its original bright orange paint with a black-and-white checked interior.

This car is striking and not just the bright orange color which I love but the shape is so special. I was shocked when I saw the “Lincoln” badge on the front of this beauty at the Tour on the Avenue. I thought for sure this was a Chrysler designed by Ghia.

Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe

Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe

This Lincoln won second in class for the Lincoln Custom Coachwork Postwar Class.

Enjoy the slide show below.

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  1. Wow, not sure if the trip to Italy was really worth it. This car looks like its design started from the back end and by the time the designers got to the front they either lost interest or ran out of ideas or both. Not thrilled with the overall design but the front end is positively ugly. It looks like a bird, an overbite, a front grille/bumper delete you name it.

    Before I get everyone excited, this is my personal opinion. Someone saw the beauty in the design as it did garnish a placement award.

  2. I do have to add that interior is a beautiful design.

  3. Izola Faubert says

    God she is beautiful !

  4. Lincoln had nothing to do with this. The name was added sometime after its only showing in Turin.

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