My Car Quest

October 15, 2019

The Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe Is Now For Sale After Success At Pebble Beach

by Mike - I first saw the 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe at Pebble Beach this year. I published many of my own photos and wrote what the Pebble Beach Car Guide had to say about this unusual car. Now it is to be auctioned at the RM … [Read more...]

Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe – An Elegant Classic Car At The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

by Mike - This is a Lincoln - really? This is one example of what beautiful classic cars can be created when an American car company gets together with an Italian car designer; a 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Boano Coupe. All will be explained … [Read more...]

A Few Photos From Pebble Beach

by Mike - I arrived at Pebble Beach at 7:00AM today and left around noon. After a light lunch in Carmel I drove home in the Iso Grifo. I will post more about Monterey Car Week later this week. Become a Member of My Car Quest … [Read more...]