My Car Quest

March 26, 2017

Interesting Collector Cars For Less Than $50k USD

by Mike - As collector car prices have increased over the past few years many of us have been priced out of certain collector cars. However, there are still some interesting cars available for under $50,000 USD that would be fun to own and drive … [Read more...]

The New Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide Is Here!

by Mike - This past week I received the latest issue of Sports Car Market Magazine which included the 2016 Print Edition Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide. I value the Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide not because of the accuracy … [Read more...]

Comparing Two Classic Car Price Guides – Why Such A Big Difference?

by Mike - I have written about the “Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide” and the “Hagerty Price Guide” where I compared the numbers in the guides to actual sales prices or to the asking prices for cars listed for sale. I then gave each guide a … [Read more...]

Is The “Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide” Accurate, Useful Or Worthless?

by Mike Are classic car price guides accurate? Are they useful even if they may not be accurate? Or are they not worth the cost? I subscribe to both the "Haggerty Price Guide" (formerly "The Cars That Matter Price Guide") and the "Sports Car … [Read more...]

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