My Car Quest

June 18, 2019

Event Report: San Marino Motor Classic – June 9, 2019

by Wallace Wyss - Photographs by Richard Bartholomew - This is a concours that is in a great setting and for the most part has the potential of being a sort of Pebble Beach South. They do for instance, have some classic prewar cars … [Read more...]

Event Report: Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show, Chino Hills, CA June 1st, 2019

by Wallace Wyss - Photos by Richard Bartholomew - Now I gotta admit, I as much as anyone in my age group (over 50 is all I’ll admit to) I am a fan of Steve McQueen. Not so much for his acting chops but for the purposefulness of … [Read more...]

Book Collecting: The Saving of a Book

Hey, I only missed the target by a few decades…. by Wallace Wyss - A quarter century or so ago, when I was doing a book with Brian Winer called GT40 Photo Album, we ran across a book called Ford Vs. Ferrari by the late British journalist … [Read more...]

Georges Paulin – Dentist, Inventor and Oh, Yes A Resistance Spy

by Wallace Wyss - If you are a classic car fan, especially prewar European cars, you no doubt have taken note of the streamline moderne cars designed by one Georges Paulin, who was actually a dentist before the war. But he dabbled in car … [Read more...]

The Ford GT40 Roadster

They existed but they were rarely a winner…. by Wallace Wyss - Most people know the Ford GT40 as a coupe but I’m here to tell you that there were in fact factory-built Ford GT40 roadsters. We haven’t been able to confirm how many, most say … [Read more...]

Preview of The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering 2019

by Wallace Wyss - They call themselves “the crown jewel in a whirlwind of events” and I have to say that they have much to offer, because not only is their event set in a lush setting on a golf course surrounded by the Santa Lucia mountains … [Read more...]