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May 28, 2024

Another Photo From The Millenáris Velodrom in Budapest, Hungary

by Mike –

This message and photo are from Ádám Bölcs in Budapest, Hungary.


Hello Mike,

It was great to read again about Millenáris Velodrom on My Car Quest.

I arrived in the afternoon this year with my family and my 1959 Alfa Touring Spider 2000.

We did have a chance to run around the Velodrom – see the photo attached.

I like your posts about the classic car market very much.

Kind regards, Adam

Alfa Touring Spider 2000 in Hungary


What a great photo – it looks like they are having a blast!

You may remember that Ádám Bölcs owns a beautiful blue Iso Grifo and a green Iso Rivolta GT that he wrote about before on My Car Quest.

Iso Grifo

Iso Grifo

Thank you Ádám for sharing your photos with us.

Iso Rivolta GT

Iso Rivolta GT – photo by Gábor Vida

You can send in photos of your cars and adventures and they may be published on My Car Quest for the whole world to see!

I wonder why Ádám chose to drive the Alfa instead of one of the Isos?

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  1. Maybe the Isos are too heavy for the Velodrom, which is basically a bicycle track. As I know there were some 1t (2200 lbs) weight limit. I know this Alfa is heavier than this, but still lighter than Rivolta or Griffo.
    Anyway Ádám could tell the real reason, I was just a visitor 🙂

  2. It occurred to me that the family would not fit in the Grifo but they do in the Alfa and the Rivolta GT.

  3. I love the red Alfa Spider and that the youngest child in back seems to be looking at the camera!

  4. Yes, Isos were too heavy, Alfa is close to… let’s say… 🙂
    It was really great, all the family had fun. The picture was taken at about 100 km/h! My smaller daughter loved it.
    Both photo (Alfa & Grifo) by Zoltán Papp.

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