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April 16, 2024

Another Ferrari 250 GTO For Sale For Really Big Euros (Big Bucks)

by Mike –

A Ferrari 250 GTO is for sale on of all places, LinkedIn!

For those of you who are not LinkedIn members below is a screen shot of this posting on the Classic Cars Owners and Enthusiasts group on LinkedIn.

Ferrari 250 GTO for sale

Very thoughtfully the seller links his ad to the Ferrari 250 GTO Wikipedia page just in case a potential buyer needs to know about the Ferrari GTO.

Below is a message from the seller Claudio Tribolo who is based in Turin Area, Italy according to his LinkedIn profile,

I can offer you a ferrari 250 GTO class 1962 serian number 3809GT rosso corsa, cost 39 mil €
Best Regards

Ferrari 250 GTO ads have also been recently placed on the car ad site Anamera, A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO For Sale On The Internet? and The car in the picture is “NOT” the actual car for sale.

The GTO photo on LinkedIn also appears to not be the actual car for sale.

I don’t know why it is so difficult to get a picture of the GTO that is actually for sale. In a Google search I found the 250 GTO – Index – Barchetta site where they have photos of Ferrari GTOs by chassis number. Below is a photo of No. 3809. Another idea would be to ask the owner for recent photos, why not?

Ferrari 250 GTO No. 3809

Ferrari 250 GTO No. 3809

The cost of this Ferrari 250 GTO

In one place the seller says the price is “39-40 MIL Euros”. A one million Euro range is a big number and in another place he says the price is “39 mil €”. If I were a buyer I would choose the “39 mil €” rather than the “39-40 MIL Euros”.

If you look at the other costs such as importing this car into California there would be an approximate 9.5% sales tax which would amount to 3.705 million Euros or $4.92 million!

You could buy a Ferrari Spider California just for the amount of the sales tax!

Who thinks this is a real ad for a real Ferrari 250 GTO? – Let us know in the Comments.

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Ferrari 250 GTO

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