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April 21, 2024

Iso Grifo IR8 Targa Conversion by Bertone For Sale – (Bertone?)

by Mike –

This 1972 Iso Grifo is for sale at the RM auction in Monaco on May 10 and is on of the list of Strange Ones Are Being Brought To Classic Car Auctions that I wrote about recently.

This late model Grifo is Ford powered as it should be but if you look close you will see it has the lower hood scoop that is standard on the 7-Liter which is Chevy powered. This Ford powered series 2 car should have a slightly higher hood scoop.

The RM description does not mention this – sometimes what isn’t said by the seller can be just as important as what is said.

Iso Grifo For Sale

1972 Iso Grifo IR8 Targa Conversion by Bertone

The RM label for this car is 1972 Iso Grifo IR8 Targa Conversion by Bertone. Does that title imply that the targa conversion was done by Bertone?

The casual reader may think so. The RM description says,

…the original coupé roof had also been converted to the unique targa configuration, which it sports today.

There is no mention of who did the targa conversion but the way the title is written it could be interpreted as if Bertone did the targa conversion which seems highly unlikely to me.

I suggest that RM should not have used Bertone in the title.

RM has a more serious problem with their description of this 1968 Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada Alloy also for sale at the same auction.

The Iso Grifo estimate range is €125,000 – €165,000 ($173,000 – $228,000) (103,000 – 136,000 pounds sterling).

The RM listing for the Iso Grifo is here.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

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Iso Grifo IR8 Targa Conversion by Bertone For Sale - (Bertone?)
Article Name
Iso Grifo IR8 Targa Conversion by Bertone For Sale - (Bertone?)
Was this Iso Grifo targa conversion really done by Bertone?


  1. The only Targa version ever made by Bertone was Grifo # 097, the one
    wth the brushed stainless steel roof panels. All other Targa were converted
    by Pavesi inclusive the sun roof versions ( tetto appribile).

    Some weeks ago I got a call regarding this Grifo from someone named
    Eugene, from the R&M headquarters in Toronto. He claimed he got my
    name and phone number from the R&M representative in London.
    We went through all the pictures (approx.16) one by one and I had to
    name him all parts that were missing or incorrect.
    It took us about an hour to get everything done, incl. the findings that the
    body is not straight and the dimensions left and right side are not even.

    The same with the green Bizzarrini. There are some self appointed
    Bizzarrini “experts” out there but no one even intends to talk about this car
    to set things straight. Normally they are very fast in claiming a Bizzarrini
    of being ” incorrect, fake, replica,” etc.

    And there are obviously a lot of incorrect features on and in the green car.
    This chassis # 314 might be the correct one but the rest is Diomante phantasy.
    Incorrect or wrong are: engine, tail lights, the shape of the rear itself,
    the rear grill (Miura), no bumpers, the wire wheels, the entire interior is out of
    a Lele or Fidia but the Jaeger instruments are relabeled BIZZARRINI, the seats,
    radio, air condition, middle console, door panels, ash tray, not a GM 4-speed due
    to the location of the shifter, etc. etc.
    All this is visible by just looking at some pictures. If the cars could be checked in
    person there might even more findings.

    My assumption is that the Auction Companies want to leave it to the buyer
    to find out what’s right or wrong with these cars.

  2. I am happy to see that RM has changed the title of this Grifo to: “1972 Iso Grifo IR8 Targa Conversion” and removed the “by Bertone” which was misleading. It seems RM reads My Car Quest.

    The listing is here:

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