My Car Quest

June 20, 2024

1957 Dual-Ghia Convertible – The First One?

by Mike - This beautiful Dual-Ghia sold at the RM auction in Monterey in August 2013 for $330,000. The Dual-Ghia is a rare, low volume car that was produced in America between 1956 and 1958. Eugene Casaroll formed Dual Motors in Detroit, … [Read more...]

Movie Director’s Ferrari To Be Auctioned In Arizona

by Wallace Wyss Anybody who loves car racing movies likes the movie Grand Prix. And most people who know the movie know that the director, John Frankenheimer, was a Ferrari guy all the way. In fact the only way he was able to make the movie was … [Read more...]

Iso Grifo For Sale At The RM Auction In Arizona

by Mike - This Iso Grifo is for sale at the RM auction in Arizona on January 15-16, 2015. RM says, 400 bhp, 7.0-liter Chevrolet V-8 engine, automatic transmission, independent front suspension, de Dion rear axle with longitudinal … [Read more...]

Iso Grifo Targa Conversion For Sale By RM In Monaco – More History

by Mike - Recently I wrote about this Iso Grifo targa conversion that will be for sale by RM at their Monaco auction. I said, There is no mention of who did the targa conversion but the way the title is written it could be interpreted as if … [Read more...]

Iso Grifo IR8 Targa Conversion by Bertone For Sale – (Bertone?)

by Mike - This 1972 Iso Grifo is for sale at the RM auction in Monaco on May 10 and is on of the list of Strange Ones Are Being Brought To Classic Car Auctions that I wrote about recently. This late model Grifo is Ford powered as it should be … [Read more...]

The Lost Iso Grifo No. 223 Is Found!

by Mike - Recently at the RM auction in Amelia Island an Iso Grifo set the world record price for a Grifo sold at a public auction ($440,000). This Iso Grifo was originally chassis No. 413 and at some point the chassis number was changed to No. … [Read more...]