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November 30, 2023

The AMC AMX/3 By Bizzarrini Has Sold On My Car Quest!!

This very rare AMC AMX/3 by Bizzarrini has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way to Germany from Louisiana USA!

Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer.

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AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

The German enthusiast of Italian automobiles with a strong Bizzarrini connection (Iso, Lamborghini, now AMX/3) who bought this special AMX/3 sent this note to me,

First, let me thank you for your help in making this transaction come through. To begin with, I would never have found this car without My Car Quest. Then it was very reassuring to deal directly with the actual owner of the car and not to have to listen to the stories and hype that some dealers or the auction houses tend to use to peddle their wares.

Finally, it does help tremendously to have a person (you) whom both sides trust, particularly since these are transaction that most of us don’t do very often. The international aspect does not make it any easier and so it is even more satisfying that we managed to do a deal of this size without lawyers and complex procedures. Thank you for that!

Of course I do not plan to lock away the car. I look forward to showing it and even driving it on European roads. It will be an interesting experience to get what amounts to a prototype road-registered in Germany…

I think it is fitting that this very rare AMX/3 is going back to Europe where it has deep roots. It also has a connection to Germany – American Motors hired BMW to help evaluate the AMX/3 and this is the very car that BMW and Giotto Bizzarrini tested at Monza.

AMX/3 at Monza

AMX/3 at Monza

The My Car Quest community is made up of car collectors and enthusiasts who are educated, affluent and sophisticated.

Several thousand people visit My Car Quest per month from all around the world, which is important because the market for these classic cars is a world wide market.

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Unlike an auction or a consignment dealer with the My Car Quest approach your car does not leave your garage until it is sold, plus the fee for My Car Quest is much lower than these alternatives.

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The AMC AMX/3 By Bizzarrini Has Sold On My Car Quest!!
Article Name
The AMC AMX/3 By Bizzarrini Has Sold On My Car Quest!!
The American Motors AMX/3 is a very rare car and this one has been sold on My Car Quest!


  1. Richard Truesdell says


    Congratulations on helping make this transaction possible. While a bit sad that this important piece of AMC history will be leaving the US, it seems that the new owner is an enthusiast and that the car will be exposed to a whole new audience. The new owner’s letter seems to indicate, as have your other My Car Quest sales, that there is a group of sellers that benefit by your method of bringing sellers and buyers together, where everyone benefits.

    Richard Truesdell

  2. It’s had some good owners, my mom and step-dad were one of them and yes to the new owner, it is a great car to drive.

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