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June 16, 2024

Have You Ever Had Seller’s Remorse After You Sold a Treasured Car?

by Mike –

I know most, if not all of you, have experienced seller’s remorse after selling a beloved car. I have experienced this a few times and have regretted selling my Iso Grifo last year.

In exploring this subject I Googled “seller’s remorse for cars” and came up with this article: “Parting With A Loved One: Car Seller’s Remorse”.

This article really hit home with me right down to the photo of the red Iso Grifo, below.

Iso Grifo

I was wondering – what are the chances that I find an article on seller’s remorse for cars and the photo illustrating the article is a photo of an Iso Grifo? What a strange coincidence.

But wait the strangeness doesn’t stop there.

This Iso Grifo looks familiar, it has the same side mirrors as my former Grifo and after more careful scrutiny of this photo I realize this Iso Grifo is sitting in my former driveway in Monte Sereno, California. It is the second photo in my Iso Grifo seller’s remorse Post from last year.

It is my former Grifo and my photo used by this author after some Photoshop work. That is not me standing in front of the car and the background in the original photo, below, is in focus.

Iso Grifo

Now I think I must start a search for another Iso Grifo but first I will contact this writer and tell him he borrowed my photo without my permission or without even letting me know. That’s not very nice is it? At least there were no nude photos involved.

More on seller’s remorse from me soon.

Let us know about your classic car seller’s remorse stories in the Comments.

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Have You Ever Had Seller's Remorse After You Sold a Treasured Car?
Article Name
Have You Ever Had Seller's Remorse After You Sold a Treasured Car?
This Iso Grifo looks familiar.


  1. Mike,

    I would have thought that seller’s remorse would be a cast-iron certainty selling that beautiful car in a colour that evidently suits it so well, unless of course I had been in the fortunate position to have been the buyer. Maybe one day! And then the virtuosity of the transaction and the joy it would have brought would have been self-evident.

    Do I get the imrepssion that your own buyer has himself sold the car on and is now claiming seller’s remorse, too?


    • Roger,

      No the new owner loves my former Grifo. I met him in person at Concorso Italiano recently and he said he LOVES the Grifo. He lives in Georgia and I live in California so this was the first time we had met in person.

      • Mike,

        Totally agree, I love this Grifo! You will always have visitation rights if you ever visit Georgia ๐Ÿ™‚

        About 10 years ago I sold a Maserati Ghibli spyder which I loved. To this day I have sellers remorse … what was I thinking !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Bob Schneider says

    Mike, I just sold a ’92 Volvo 240 wagon with 275k & I got sellers remorse !

  3. I hope you feel better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Bob Schneider says

    Mike, I think we’re all closet car horders. It’s all good memories, ‘The ones that got away’.

  5. I sold a 1994 Mazda Miata M-Edition for pennies about 2 days ago. Had immediate buyers remorse…actually cried handing the key over…but forced myself to let it go. Then contacted the buyer asking for it back. Still very very upset, but I had to call my own bluff in trying to drive it from Seattle to Colorado where it may potentially have had to sit for months before I could get to fixing it. And I live in NYC now. It was my dads car and I got it when he died. I’ve driven it across the country twice. Loved loved loved that car. Still crying.

  6. LINDA EMBRY says

    Like you Mike, I googled car sellers remorse and found this site. I sold my 2000 Ford Explorer XLT with 178,000 miles today for $2,300. Have had it 19 years. Has been very loyal to me over the years with regular maintenance to prolong it’s life. Fully loaded with sun roof, 10 CD changer, side boards, roof rack, leather interior. Only thing wrong with it was cosmetic from the sun. Not even one ding or dent as I would park it far away from the other cars even after it was older. Got me cross country three times during my from the east coast to California travel nursing trips. My last trip across the mojave desert in the summer, my trusted Explorer made it through the desert while a few newer cars were broken down on the side of the road. Funny thing is, the only reason I sold it was because I live where there is not a lot of street parking, so you have to move it every 3 days or risk getting a warning ticket or towed. I love this Explorer! Bought a new Ford Edge 3 years ago. Same color and interior as my Explorer. (Well, former Explorer now). I advertised it on Thursday an had 4 people interested. The first lady that looked at it bought it today. Her and her daughter love Ford Explorer’s and she ,one previously, so she knew it is capable of going up to 300,000 miles. As I cleaned it up and got ready for her to pick it up today at 5 pm, I sat in the Explorer and thought to myself “What are you doing? You love this car!”. But, it was too late to back out. She was on her way and I gave my word. Told my trusted Explorer thank you for being so loyal to me and took pictures to remember her by. Watched the lady drive away and I was sad. Thought to myself, you should be happy you don’t have to move it every three days now. But, it was still sad and hours later I feel the same. Nice to know there are others out there that feel the same after selling a beloved car. I am a psych nurse and thought I was acting irrationally. The only comfort I have is the fact that the new owner is an Explorer lover too and it is going to a good home. The cashiers check helps to take the sting out a little. Thanks for letting me express my feelings!

  7. Just sold my 2005 ML350. It had 193,000 miles on it, and it was certainly not trouble free, but it was a beast, easy to work on it and I loved it. I knew every inch of that car.

    I already replaced it a year ago with a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but loved having it around as an “airport, train, beater car”. Because I hate taking a nice car to those places. Sold it for $3,000 because I just didn’t want to put any additional money or time repairing it.

    Keep debating if I should call the new owner and ask to buy it back….I hate this feeling.

  8. wallace wyss says

    I got world class sob stories
    first gullwing sold for $2500
    second gullwing for $11,000
    Iso Grifo long nose $15000
    Porsche 356D $4000
    I’d go on but it hurts too much

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