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July 24, 2024

One Saturday At The Novegro Market In Italy

by Flavio Campetti –

Novegro, Italy – 8 November 2014

Novegro is a suburb located just outside Milan, near the International Airport of Milano Linate. It’s famous in Italy and in Europe as one of the most interesting exhibition-market of motorbikes, cars and bicycle parts, which brings more than 30,000 visitors to a very big area with indoor (15,000 square meters) and outdoor (60,000 square meters) stands where you can find more than 600 sellers.

It’s practically like an “Ebay” on Earth… but without search-engines: you should find what you’re looking for with your own eyes and with a good portion of luck. Probably that’s the amusing side of the event, you search and search and at the same time you meet people, enthusiasts, collectors and by the time you see and learn also the passion of others!

Novegro, Italy Market

The pictures were taken on 8 November 2014 and show you some highlights of a very beautiful sunny Saturday spent in Novegro, a typical Autumn day in Italy.

If you look around you can recognize that you’re in the “Bel Paese”: Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Fiat are the queens here!

You can find restored ones too.



Or all the parts you need in simple stands or in an amazing Vespa’s Spare Parts truck like this!

Mauro Pascoli parts truck

Mauro Pascoli parts truck

Get inside to find all your scooter needs!

Mauro Pascoli parts truck

Here are two beautiful Fiats, the Coupè 2300 S and a “Berlina” 1800 in superb condition.

Fiat 2300S

Fiat 2300S

Fiat 1800

And more Alfa and Lancia, like this white Montreal and a Flaminia just gracing the event, really aristocratic! Luxury and power make it Maserati in the dark red “Quattroporte”.


Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Montreal


Impressive the availability of spare parts… impressive the prices too!



You can find lenses also for your Lele or Grifo! Take a look!

Lenses and Lights

Lenses and Lights

Many motorbikes waiting for full restoration like this rare Iso 175 4 stroke. Really a matter for expert with also a brand new handmade sidecar available!

Iso Motorcycle

Iso Motorcycle Sidecar

No worry, beautifully made spare parts already available, or possibility to make customized parts or reproduction parts. Just a matter of time and money.

Motorcycle seats

Exhaust parts

Parts for motorcycles and scooters

Look at this stunning Lambretta, really fast and cool with its Ferrari logo and pictures on the shining body!

Lambretta Scooter

Novegro is really an experience. A day is not enough to discover all the secrets here, but for sure at the end of the day you’ll have in your hand or on your trailer something making you happy with your hobby and passion.

Flavio Campetti was born in the Bresso, Italy area (near Milan) where the Iso company was located and he is a huge Iso fan. He wrote an excellent book about Iso, “Da Iso a ISORIVOLTA, Il fascino di un marchio”.

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More photos are in the two slide shows below.

One Saturday At The Novegro Market In Italy
Article Name
One Saturday At The Novegro Market In Italy
The Novegro Market In Italy is a fascinating exhibition and market of motorbikes, cars and bicycle parts!


  1. OMG look at all those parts … pure car porn

  2. that’s pretty cool Flavio, I spent a couple weeks this summer visiting friends in Vogonano,, would have been a great side trip for total immersion in name that sparepart! On the do list for next time. That tractor/trailer rig w/ the extendable top is interesting.

    • Good idea! A visit to Novegro is very interesting alsways, also when you don’t find the exact parts you need, is as going to a huge museum of the past vehicles (especially motorbikes). See you there!

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