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December 2, 2021

Car Advertisements And Beautiful Women – Continued

by Mike –

The Post yesterday, Car Advertisements And Beautiful Women, resulted in several comments sent to me directly in addition to the Comments at the end of the Post. Here are some advertisements and brochures sent in by readers with some of my own added.

Ivan Ruiz sent in the advertisement below from a dealer in Beverly Hills featuring a Maserati Ghibli and an Intermeccanica Italia. If you read the text in the lower right hand corner you see that this dealer also sold Isos. I think the lady in the Ghibli has removed her bikini top.

Maserati Ghibli Advertisement

Maserati Ghibli and Intermeccanica Italia Advertisement

I remember this TV advertisement below sent in by Christian Harm. It reflects the cultural thinking of the day (1970) – “You Could Be Dodge Material”.

In the Dodge brochure below the woman looks like she walked off the set of the old TV series “Dallas” or “Falcon Crest”.

1974 Dodge Advertisemsnt

1974 Dodge Advertisemsnt

The French were a little more risqué with their advertisements for Citroen. These two below were sent in by Simon – smudges provided by me.

Citroen Advertisement

Citroen Advertisement

Below is another Citroen photo with Jane Birkin.

Citrone and Jane Birkin

The 1968 Holden Monaro GTS brochure from Australia has this interesting photo below. What is the lady wearing?

1968 Holden HK Monaro-03

Below are two photos from an Iso brochure as suggested by Byron LaMotte.

Iso Sales Brochure

Iso Grifo

Iso Grifo Brochure

Iso Grifo

1969 Cdn Pontiac Brochure-a

1969 Pontiac

1970 Chevrolet Full Size-14

1970 Chevrolet

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Car Advertisements And Beautiful Women - Continued
Article Name
Car Advertisements And Beautiful Women - Continued
More beautiful women selling cars.


  1. Mark C Williamson says

    Citroen, not Citrone. Major typo. And do we really need editing of the pictures? Americans can’t see boobs?

    • Mark,

      Thanks for the typo report – now corrected. You really think that a transposed letter is a major typo?

      BTW, nearly 50% of the readers of My Car Quest are outside of US and of course you can see all the nudity you want just not here.

      • Mark C Williamson says

        Hi Mike.
        Yes, when it’s made several times, and is the name of a major manufacturer, that’s a major typo. 🙂
        And it just seems odd to me to edit pictures that are the main point of these 2 posts. But it is yours to do with what you wish.

  2. The Holden Lady is wearing what today is called a JUMP SUIT, but can’t remember what it was back then, still looks neat to me/

  3. Mark C Williamson,

    The same typo was made several times because of the “copy and paste” feature so the typo was made only once and repeated several times thanks to technology.

    As for the photo editing – use your imagination!

    I have many young readers and My Car Quest is a family friendly publication.

    Keep looking for those typos I am sure there will be more.

  4. Love the posts Mike.
    Typos are what my posts are generally full of, as I seem to be too busy to bother to read and proof my own letters.
    Keep up the great work.
    TonyO (NZ)

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