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February 23, 2024

Cars & Coffee In Carmel

by Mike –

A new Cars & Coffee has started recently in Carmel. The Carmel/Monterey area is much less populated than Southern California so there are not as many cars at events as there are in the LA area or even the San Francisco area. In Carmel it is a more intimate event.

Aston Martin, Iso Grifo and Ferrari 365 GTC/4

The first day was March 15, below is a slide show of some of my photos from that first event. Even though it is small there is a variety of cars from European classics to period built Hot Rods.

Below is a slide show from the event today (April 18).

Hot Rod and Aston Martin

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  1. Mark Williamson says

    Nice to see the cars, but it would really be nice if the pictures had captions, so much I don’t know.

  2. A lot of these shots are from 5/8 if you could just get the 3/4 shot that would be great,. Maybe work on eliminating the shadows too.

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