My Car Quest

June 21, 2024

Cars On The Streets During Monterey Car Week

by Mike - There are always many cool cars on the streets of Carmel and Monterey during Monterey Car Week. It is a lot fun to see what people are driving around or what is parked on the streets. Here are some of my photos - there were many more … [Read more...]

Classic Cars Seen On The Street In Carmel And Monterey Last Week

by Mike - The streets of Carmel and Monterey are more interesting during Monterey Car Week because many people drive their classic cars around town and park them on the streets or in a parking lot. These classics are actually used for … [Read more...]

Cars & Coffee In Carmel

by Mike - A new Cars & Coffee has started recently in Carmel. The Carmel/Monterey area is much less populated than Southern California so there are not as many cars at events as there are in the LA area or even the San Francisco area. In Carmel … [Read more...]

A Drive In Carmel In The Bizzarrini

by Mike - This past Monday, before the activities of Monterey Car Week began, I took the Bizzarrini out for a drive down Carmel Valley Road and into Carmel along the beach and up Ocean Avenue. The crowds were not so large as they were yesterday … [Read more...]

What Could Be Better Than Classic Cars In Carmel?

by Mike - Today was the Carmel Concours on the Avenue on Ocean Avenue in Carmel, California. There were many great cars and people. The weather and location were wonderful too. Here are some of my photos - more later in the week. … [Read more...]

I Have Moved!

by Mike - I have been off line for a few days - literally without a broadband Internet connection because we moved from Monte Sereno to Carmel, California. Boxes are everywhere and it will take a few days to dig out from that! Today at lunch I … [Read more...]