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April 18, 2024

Cars And A Truck From The McQueen Collection At Auction

by Mike –

There are two former Steve McQueen vehicles coming up for auction in the next two weeks. The first is a Chevrolet pickup truck used mostly for camping and the second is a Mercedes sedan that is reported to have been his daily driver when he died.

Not long ago a Porsche 911 that his movie company owned as part of the making of the movie Le Mans did not sell at the Christies auction.

1952 Chevrolet Steve McQueen Custom Camper Pickup

This Chevrolet pickup truck will be at the Mecum Auction in Anaheim, California on November 12-14, 2015. This pickup truck sold on eBay in August of this year for $98,077 USD, according to eBay.

Chevrolet Steve McQueen Custom Camper Pickup

Mecum writes,

– Previously part of the Steve McQueen Collection
– Sold in 1984 as lot 626 at the Steve McQueen Estate Auction at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada
– Known as Dust Tite
– Custom camper built by Harold Van Hoosen
– 235 CI Loadmaster engine
– 4-speed transmission
– 5-gallon gas tanks on running boards
– Driver’s side spotlight
– Sun visor
– Two tool boxes
– Original body and frame
– Original Forest Green paint
– Original mattress and license plates
– Certificate of Authenticity from The McQueen Children’s Trust
– Three registration slips
– Original title in Steve McQueen’s name

This 1952 Forest Green Chevrolet 3800 series is a one-ton long-bed pickup truck and is much sought after by customizers, hot rodders and old truck collectors. McQueen acquired this car on Feb. 2, 1978, when he resided in Trancas Beach, north of Malibu, California, with Barbara Minty McQueen. She said her late husband often collected trucks on a whim even though they didn’t have the parking space at that time.

1972 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

Estimate: $480,000 – $650,000 USD

Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

This Mercedes sedan will be at the Keno Brothers Rolling Sculpture Auction on November 19, 2015 in New York.

The Keno Brothers write,

Year: 1972
Chassis: 300SEL
VIN: 10901812006395
Mileage: 80,481
Engine: 6332 cc Fuel Injected V-8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black leather
Original Chassis
Original Engine
Original Body
Documented McQueen Ownership
Exterior Restored By Kienle, Germany
Optional Webasto Sliding Roof

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 was the fastest production sedan of the era. It was this performance that attracted Steve McQueen. It was his personal driver for the last eight years of his life.

It will be interesting to see how these two vehicles do at auction.

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Cars And A Truck From The McQueen Collection At Auction
Article Name
Cars And A Truck From The McQueen Collection At Auction
Steve McQueen vehicles come up for sale at two auctions.


  1. Michael Delaney says


    From what I read there is more McQueen History here on this Truck that was not mentioned..
    And from what I gather in auto collecting and with a consummate collector such as McQueen “its all about the first and the last “…

    From the Mecum Auction listing:

    “This truck’s significance takes on greater historical importance as it was the last vehicle to transport McQueen from his Santa Paula home to the Ventura County Airport on Nov. 3, 1980. From there he would be whisked to El Paso, Texas, for his final cancer surgery in Juarez, Mexico. Accompanying McQueen in the camper was the Reverend Billy Graham. According to Graham, McQueen peppered him with questions of the afterlife on this ‘last ride.’ When they arrived at the airport, Graham read a number of passages of Scripture and they prayed several times. After “Amen,” Graham instinctively handed over his Bible to McQueen, which became his proudest possession. He was clutching the Bible when he passed away a few days later. As Graham turned to leave, McQueen proclaimed, “I’ll see you in heaven!”

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