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May 30, 2024

This Apollo GT Is A Backyard Find

by Mike –

Not all ‘barn finds’ are in a barn. But when an Apollo GT that has been sitting in a backyard for about 35 years is found and acquired by a collector it is something to celebrate. And, naturally, it is something to envy.

Apollo GT Backyard Find

Text and photos by Walt and Sean McCune

Dear Michael,

Attached are the photos of the Apollo 5000 GT I recently found in Moorpark, California (Southern California). It had been sitting for about 35 years when I discovered it. The house had several old cars in front and I saw a red car behind their wooden fence.

Apollo GT Backyard Find

The fence line was adjacent to the sidewalk so I looked over the fence and saw the Apollo. One thing lead to another and on December 3, 2015 I acquired the car.

Apollo GT Backyard Find

Apollo GT Backyard Find

The car was in rough condition with noticeable surface rust present as the wheels were taken off years ago. The car looked very complete with the exception of the front grill, which had been removed and driving lights installed in its place.

The glass is in excellent condition as is the stainless steel. Window surrounds front and back were also in excellent condition. Most of the plastic items, lenses, license plate light were bleached and cracked from the sun.

The Michelin X tires were all serviceable to get the car moved except for one that had a blow out before mounting on the car. There was a spare Borrani to use in its place.

Apollo GT Backyard Find

The body was near perfection; close gaps, everything fit. The doors, trunk, and hood, closed like vault doors. I couldn’t have been more pleased with that aspect of the find.

The interior was all there and appears to be all original. Jaeger gauges, original steering wheel and in outstanding condition. The odometer shows 48,000 miles.

The car was originally green. It does not have an outside filler cap. Five Borrani’s #3694’s, date stamped 1965.

The serial number is #1060. Build number W56, stamped on window frames and hand written on the back of door side panels and other items.

Sincerely Walt and Sean McCune

Apollo GT Backyard Find

The ID plate above lets us know this Apollo was sold by Apollo International Corporation of Pasadena, California just as was Apollo GT No. 1072 which I have written about before and sold here on My Car Quest in early 2014.

Apollo GT Backyard Find

Altogether 76 coupes, 11 convertibles and the prototype 2+2 were made for a total of 88 Apollos built between 1961 and 1965 when Apollo was sold to Vanguard Industries, an aftermarket supplier of auto air conditioners in Dallas, Texas. Vanguard sold the Apollo as the Vetta Ventura and built only 11 cars.

A third attempt to produce the Apollo was by attorney Robert Stevens. His Apollo International Company of Pasadena, California completed only 14 cars, with foreman Otto Becker finishing another six.

Apollo GT Backyard Find

My friend, Ron Kellogg, was the original owner of Apollo No. 1072 and he bought three incomplete Apollo GTs at the same time from Apollo International Company of Pasadena, California.

This Apollo, No. 1060, could be one of the three he bought new. After all, the Apollo International Company of Pasadena, Moorpark, where this Apollo was found, and Ron Kellogg are all in Southern California, just a few miles apart.

Apollo GT Backyard Find

Apollo GT Backyard Find

Apollo GT Backyard Find

Let us know what you think about this Apollo GT in the Comments.

My thanks to Walt and Sean McCune for sharing this terrific find. If you have an interesting story contact me by email – click here.

Apollo GT

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This Apollo GT Is A Backyard Find
Article Name
This Apollo GT Is A Backyard Find
Stored in a backyard for 35 years this rare Apollo GT has been found by an admiring collector.


  1. Absolutely fantastic !
    Would like to see it with a modern painting, shining and glorious.
    Congrats Michael.

  2. Betty Boops says

    Just get it running, replace a few lenses and 4 tires.
    Drive it for a few years and see what happens.
    Restoration on this car will take 1-2 years if you are lucky.
    The hot rod Olds 215 V-8 should be a blast to drive!

  3. Only original once.
    Be interesting to see if you get more involvement with the car driving it “as is” without a body restore/repaint and just do the bushes, brakes, tires.
    In any event, you have a gem of a car there and I wish you the very best with her.
    Enjoy every minute.

  4. Awsome find and they just keep popping up here and there don’t they? I keep missing these Gems in the rough I am jealous, how about you Mike?
    I guess I just have to be patient for a bit longer for things to get straightened out.

    Be careful driving it once you get her on the road, the car is low people don’t see you. Down shift so they can here you. The car handles well and rides nice.
    Regarding speeding tickets in an Apollo, almost non existent. I’ve been caught on radar doing 98 in a 65 and got off with a warning. With the 55 mph 1st gear it’s hard to keep your foot out of it and its just too fun to drive. FYI they were hear you coming before they see you – be warned.

    I can tell you though and I know my father felt the same way that when you’re driving that car it gives you the feeling that you can do anything.
    Congratulations on the find! I am jealous!

  5. I worked with the previous owner for over 40 years and after realizing that he owned an Apollo bugged him on a regular basis without success. It’s great to know that he finally relented and it’s slow deterioration may end.
    Good luck. I’ll look forward to seeing this Apollo back on the road.

    • Andi Graf says

      Great find,
      i am happy that there are more cars on the world that we thought.
      I own 1016 and i also discovered 1062 some years ago and sold it later.
      I should have kept it. If some sell his car please let me know.

  6. Hello everybody,
    I’m looking for Apollo GT for restoration I want buy it.
    Can anybody help me? Any condition!
    Thank you in advance!

  7. This car was in Simi Valley. I bought one of the owner’s cars, too, and I remember seeing this Apollo in her backyard. I always thought it was so sad to see it sitting in a backyard so I am glad someone is rescuing her

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