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February 26, 2024

An Apollo GT – The First Owner

by Mike –

Ron Kellogg has owned many cars in his years of automobile obsession. He bought three Apollo GT bodies directly from Apollo as the company was going out of business in 1966.

He sold two of the bodies to friends and he finished one for himself and his lovely wife Sonya.

Apollo GT

Apollo GT

He paid $1,500 for Body #1072 as noted on the sales receipt below right.

Apollo GT Receipt

Below is a sales invoice from Buick to Apollo International for two V8 engines. It is interesting that the price is not listed. After a time of having fun with this Apollo GT Ron and Sonya let it go to another caretaker.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Buick Engine Invoice

Unfinished Apollo GT

Unfinished Apollo GT

Below are two slide shows from the Apollo gathering at Concorso Italiano in August 2013 in Monterey, California.

I wonder if one of the 17 Apollos in Monterey is the former Kellogg Apollo – No. 1072? If you know the answer please let us know.

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Apollo GT Sales Brochure

Apollo GT Sales Brochure

Apollo GT Sales Brochure

Read more about Apollo GTs at the links below:

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The Apollo GT Was A Star In Monterey – A Look At The Prototype

My thanks to Ron Kellogg for these documents and photos of his former Apollo GTs.

An Apollo GT - The First Owner
Article Name
An Apollo GT - The First Owner
Documents and photos of an Apollo GT from the first owner and 40 photos of Apollo GTs from Concorso Italiano.


  1. There was a white Apollo GT in Dayton, OH that used to show up at their concours periodically. I think it was owned by a car dealer/collector but the last that I heard, it was moved to Idaho. I wonder if this is the car that was perviously owned by Mr. Kellogg?

  2. I just bought 1072 last weekend, at a garage sale. I had never heard of an Apollo
    Before I set eyes on this beauty. The fella I bought it from started a restoration in 1992
    And never never finished it. The car is in pieces but seems pretty complete.
    It’s rust free and extremely clean. I’m obviously over whelmed with This article.
    This is way kool

  3. Joshua Tagliaboschi says

    My dad just found this exact car. We have apollo #1072

  4. Ron Kellogg says

    Hi Mike, its just GREAT to know someone has that fine Apollo that I once owned, and its was exciting to put that fine car together many years ago, and now to find out its in GOOD hands to be restored, and come alive again, it was very SPECIAL to Sonya & I, and hope the new owner enjoys one of the VERY SPECIAL CARS that was so creative for that period of time. God Bless them.
    Ron Kellogg

  5. Wow it is amazing to me that we’re able find all this good info on the cars history.
    Ron could you email me at ?
    I’ve got a ton of questions
    Thank you for your time.

  6. Ron did Apollo 1072 have a 2 speed automatic?
    Was there any options?
    Any pictures you can email me?
    Any info is appreciated.
    Have a good day!

  7. Hello everybody
    I’m looking for Apollo GT for sale.
    Can anybody help me?
    Thank you in advance

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