My Car Quest

May 18, 2024

John Toom – Engineer, Artist and Inventor

John Toom had a dream to design and build his own car. It turns out he also had the drive and the skill to do so, unfortunately he died just short of finishing his Jaguar Aerodyne. Ron and Sonya Kellogg bought it and funded its completion. The Jaguar … [Read more...]

An Apollo GT – The First Owner

by Mike - Ron Kellogg has owned many cars in his years of automobile obsession. He bought three Apollo GT bodies directly from Apollo as the company was going out of business in 1966. He sold two of the bodies to friends and he finished one … [Read more...]

Driving The Elegant Jaguar Aerodyne

by Mike - The Jaguar Aerodyne is beautiful, elegant and is quite quick with the 3.8-liter Jaguar XKE engine. Watch the video on full screen - it is 1.5 minutes long. Ron Kellogg, the owner, is driving and I am operating the camera. … [Read more...]