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March 2, 2024

Three Generations Of Lamborghini In One Place

by Mike –

Recently I wrote about our Iso Grifo and Porsche 911 both leaving. Some of you have wondered what would come next.

This week I took delivery of one of the three Lamborghinis shown in the photos here. I had it delivered to a Lamborghini service facility where it was parked next to the two other Lamborghinis shown here.

In the photo below from top to bottom are: a dark gray Huracan, a bright red Diablo SV (Monterey Edition) and a silver Espada.




One of these Lamborghinis will soon be in our garage. Can you guess which one?

Which one would you want, if any?

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Lamborghini Logo



Three Generations Of Lamborghini In One Place
Article Name
Three Generations Of Lamborghini In One Place
I took delivery of one of these Lamborghinis this week.


  1. Chris Lackner says

    The Espada, naturally! I’m just not into modern cars, really.

  2. The Espada

  3. The Espada.

  4. Espada! That’s the one!

  5. Ian Hynes says

    The Espada

  6. Randy Cox says

    The Espada Mike
    We are currently restoring one for its debut at Amelia 2017
    GREAT car
    Thanks for doing what you do!!

  7. I’m guessing the SV “Monterey” edition .

  8. I’m guessing you put the picture of the Lambo Logo there for a reason.

    So, my guess is the Espada. Great Choice !

  9. John in Fargo says

    I also have to go with the Espada.

  10. Bill Cooper says

    I’m guessing the Huracan, but I would take the Espada.
    Whatever you chose, best of luck with your new ride.

  11. Yes, it is the Espada.

    Thank you all for your comments.

    @Mark C. – very observant that the Lamborghini logo in the post was on a silver car.

    @Bill Cooper – interesting that you mention the Huracan (the successor to the Gallardo) because I have wanted a Gallardo for years and hear that the Huracan is a great car but a little too expensive for me.

    @Werner – yes, the post you mention was foreshadowing an upcoming Espada purchase, very observant.

  12. Don Meluzio says

    I love the espada, good choice!

  13. Always wanted an Espada, but like so many other cars they’re moving out of range. Unique look and those Miura wheels!

  14. David Lang says

    I’m late with my entry but I guessed the Espada Hands down the best looking, most exotic and just interesting car out there.

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