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April 16, 2024

Monterey Car Week Is Soon

by Mike –

For many years I lived within driving distance of the Monterey Peninsula and we always drove to Monterey for several days in mid-August. Now that I live in the area I do not need a hotel and the drive is short.

The local business owners love this week because it is their busiest week of the year. The locals who do not own a restaurant or hotel, and are not car lovers, tend to leave town or stay inside all week because of the influx of crowds.

My plans this week have me showing the Lamborghini Espada at two events. The first is the Carmel Mission Classic on Wednesday at the Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, commonly known as the Carmel Mission.

This is where Junípero Serra is buried – the Spanish Franciscan friar who gets the credit, or the blame depending upon your point of view, for founding the California Missions beginning nearly 250 years ago.

Frank DiPaola, the event chairman, who recruited me, I mean he recruited the Iso Grifo two years ago, and now has invited the Espada to attend, has this to say,

Carmel Mission feeds the spirit, fine cars feed the passion, fine wine and gourmet food feed the body. Join us in celebrating all three.

On Saturday the Espada and I will be at Concorso Italiano.

I will drive the Espada to both events, naturally, and I expect to be driving one of the very few Espadas in Monterey County although there will be five Espadas at Concorso Italiano.

Lamborghini Espada

Lamborghini Espada on the streets of Carmel

Monterey Car Week

When I am not in the Espada I will be driving around in the AC Cobra Mk IV, maybe the only black AC Cobra Mk IV on the Monterey Peninsula as well. So if you see me honk or stop by and say hello. The weather forecast looks pretty good but I do not trust weather forecasters since it has not been that long ago that I was caught in a monsoon downpour in the Grifo on the way to the Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance.

AC Cobra Mk IV

AC Cobra Mk IV next to the Bonhams auction tent at The Quail

There are many guides to Monterey Car Week, rather than me reproducing that information I will provide this link to Monterey Car Week events that may be useful to those of you coming in from out of town.

Here is a map that may help (click on the image for a larger view), or not – your GPS system is the best way to get around.

Monterey Car Week Map

If you are here I hope you have fun and I hope we meet.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.



Lamborghini Espada-Monterey Car Week

1971 Lamborghini Espada

Monterey Car Week Is Soon
Article Name
Monterey Car Week Is Soon
The world famous Monterey Car Week is not to be missed by classic car lovers.


  1. Eric Gordon says

    Love the AC. I have a BRG 85 I’ve owed for 32 yrs.

  2. Rob Krantz says

    Mike, the AC is looking good! Had mine out yesterday at Blackhawk Cars & Coffee where we met.

  3. Great map of events for Monterey… many people should appreciate this a great deal… what a great time…

  4. wallace wyss says

    Mike: Come on by the Art & Books booth at Concorso–I’ll bring a portrait of a Cobra for your garage. I wasn’t going to bring non-Italian car art to an Italian show but you are someone who “crosses the lines” between car brands and nationalities…..

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