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June 16, 2024

Hood Scoops – Car Art With A Purpose

by Mike –

A hood scoop allows air to flow into the engine compartment either to help cool the engine or to deliver cooler air to the engine air intake which can improve performance because cooler air is denser than warmer air. And engines like denser air.

I am sure this Aston Martin DBS below has a happier engine because of the scoop.

Aston Martin

The air in the engine compartment is warmer than the ambient air outside the car because of the heat produced by the engine.

Ferrari Testa Rossa

In this Ferrari above the designers moved the velocity stacks outside the engine compartment and put a scoop around them. The velocity stacks feed air directly to the carburetors. So, not only does this improve performance but it looks really cool.

Iso Grifo hood scoop

Notice the similarity between the design of the scoop above and the one below? The one above is on a modified Iso Grifo, perhaps the only Grifo with the hood scoop from an Iso Rivolta GT, below.

Iso Rivolta GT

Ram Air, branded by Pontiac, was an attempt to create something similar to supercharging without the complexity of supercharging.

The seals around the air intake, below, seal against the hood when it is closed forcing air from the scoop directly into the engine air intake.

Pontiac Ram Air

Below is the scoop for the engine above on this classic Pontiac GTO.

Pontiac GTO

Cowl induction hood scoops are placed facing the driver and are near the windshield like this Camaro below.

Chevrolet Camaro

The Shaker Hood Scoop is built into the engine and protrudes through a hole in the hood. It is called a Shaker Hood Scoop because the scoop shakes when the engine is running because it is attached to the engine.

The hood in the Mustang Boss 302, below, has a hole that the scoop fits through when the hood is closed.

Ford Mustang Boss 302 with shaker hood scoop

Car designers have taken many approaches to hood scoop design both for function and for pure looks.

The Alfa Romeo below has tiny scoops compared to the size of the hood. But is also has a large grille opening.

Alfa Romeo

This Siata has a well proportioned scoop.

Siata Spider

This Bizzarrini below has induction like scoops near the front and the hump near the windshield also allows air to flow into the engine compartment; a small cowl induction scoop. With the small size of the grill area this extra air flow helps with cooling.

Bizzarrini GT 5300 hood

Datsun convertible

Notice the size difference in the hood scoop between the small Datsun above and the big Ferrari V12 below.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Two scoops sitting side by side. Is there a purpose or is this done just for the unusual look on this Dodge below?


Here is a close up.

Dodge hood scoop

I am not sure that the scoop on the Thunderbird below is functional. Some American designers put fake scoops on just for looks.

Ford Thunderbird hood scoop

Dodge always went their own way in design; two scoops flared out to the side.

Dodge hood scoops

No hood scoop is needed if there is no hood as on this Hot Rod below.

Hot Rod

A Shaker Hood Scoop on a Hemi Cuda.

Hemi Cuda

Below is a different look at the scoops on the Bizzarrini. The upper side vents, in front of the doors, allow air to flow out of the engine compartment.

Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada

That’s all I know about hood scoops.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.



Below is a NACA hood scoop on an Alfa Romeo Montreal.

Alfa Romeo Montreal

This was originally published in November 2012.

Hood Scoops - Car Art With A Purpose
Article Name
Hood Scoops - Car Art With A Purpose
Hood scoops not only look good they help the engine.


  1. Don’t forget the big square hood scoop (referred to as the “pagoda” by some) on the Grifo 7-Litre! Though there are fins (or louvres) on all sides except the rear, the early ones only have an opening into the engine bay at the front. Later on, they were open at the sides as well. The Ford-engined Grifos had an even taller scoop, with the top cover raised up so that they were open all the way around. I’d post some pictures if I were able to, but I don’t see a way to.

  2. ScuderiaPacNW says

    One of the coolest vintage racing hood-scoop designs was on the blue and yellow Sunoco Penske (?) Corvette Grand Sports from the 60’s. Does anyone have a good photo they can post?

  3. I have a photo of all five of the Grand Sports together plus a shot from above that show the scoops very clearly. How do I get them to you?

  4. The Grifo later this week 🙂

    Love that hood scoop!

  5. Diamonte Randal says

    I have noticed that the pagoda on the Ford cars does look taller. I thought that the long nose cars were all taller, but perhaps I’m wrong.

    I do like the macho look of these hood scoops on the Grifo’s however..

  6. Awesome car art. In love with the look of Alfa Romeo Montreal. Great pictures too. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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