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September 24, 2021

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BOOK REVIEW: The Last Shelby Cobra: My Times with Carroll Shelby

AUTHOR: Chris Theodore PUBLISHER: Veloce Publishing BINDING: Hardcover ILLUSTRATIONS: color and black ad white PAGES: 160 PRICE: $60 USD Review by Wallace Wyss - This book, written by a former Detroit based automotive engineer, is … [Read more...]

Fiction: The Zone

by Wallace Wyss - Lee came across The Zone purely by accident. He was over at Downetowne Books in Riverside, a little quaint vintage bookstore hidden in an alley, when he caught the '49 Ford heading west toward the hotel at the end of the … [Read more...]

The Sunday Funny Pages – No. 10 – Coping With Shelter in Place

[Read more...]

Fiction: The Sound of Thunder

by Wallace Wyss - Feliz Von Hoschek was glad they still let him drive in their car events. Not in the vintage races but in the less strenuous point-to-point tours. He was, after all, 95 friggin' years old. But he was a crowd … [Read more...]

The Sunk-Cost Fallacy For Collector Car Owners

by Wallace Wyss - It was a TV show where a young guy was analyzing men-woman relationships. But it was about couples, about women who are courted by a guy, who has some undesirable traits but she thinks, in time, I can iron out those bad … [Read more...]

Delayed Symptoms You Need To Be Wary Of After A Car Accident

Car accidents represent one of the most tragic ways to lose a life, in part because a lot of the time they can be avoided. The danger extends to a period even after the accident. There are many injuries that could be sustained but go undetected for … [Read more...]