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November 29, 2022

Design Critique: 2022 Range Rover

More minimalist than ever.

by Wallace Wyss –

There is a movement in modern art called “Minimalism” where less is more if you know what I mean. So I can say that word in talking about the Range Rover, redesigned by Jerry McGovern, head of their design staff.

2022 Range Rover

Here’s my take:

SIDE Very minimalist. Where the rivals go for side sculpturing and indented body cavities, he goes for almost flat as a board. I have to admit it doesn’t grow old as fast as other designs. The vertical side vent is still there to define the side but I can’t in pictures, see if it has an opening. But it is at least its own design cue.

2022 Range Rover

FRONT Big mistake. Grille looks too generic–could fit in twenty other cars. The lower horizontal bar, like a floating bumper, looks good but the surround has no character.

2022 Range Rover

REAR Almost saved it with the rear view, again minimalist, plain as Jane, no design cues so there’s nothing that will “date” it. But downward turn of tailights imitates Cadillacs’s vertical blade type theme. Why steal from a less expensive car?

2022 Range Rover

INTERIOR Slick as a whistle but that means more ordinary functions have to be accessed through the touch screen.

2022 Range Rover

IN SUM Looks like an expensive car and has, guess what, a Mercedes engine? But I think they will be threatened by Genesis who have an SUV, the GV80, that looks as good at thousands of dollars less than the Range Rover’s $104,000 starting price.

2022 Range Rover

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Wallace Wyss

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss reports on new cars on Autotalk, a radio show broadcast from KUCR FM Riverside. He can be reached at


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Photos compliments of Land Rover.
Design Critique: 2022 Range Rover
Article Name
Design Critique: 2022 Range Rover
There is a movement in modern art called "Minimalism" where less is more if you know what I mean. So I can say that word in talking about the 2022 Range Rover.


  1. Yes I think the Genesis GV80 is far more interesting at for much less $$! These Range Rovers have never done anything for me and they always rank low in the JD Power ratings. These are all about Prestige only.

  2. I really like it! As said, very minimalist. I’ve owned three Range Rovers…..a 1996, a 2004 and my current 2011 daily driver. All have been excellent and reliable vehicles, though sounds like JD Power says something else. I never get tired of looking at my 2011. To me at least, the Range Rover design over the years has been timeless. This partly explains the huge following of these vehicles by many and why the older Range Rovers of the 1970’s to mid 80’s (i.e. Range Rover County) have increased rapidly in collectibility and values. I admire Genesis for building interesting vehicles and see them on the road frequently. However, I don’t believe they have the legendary off road capability of the Range Rovers (though I must admit, most never leave the pavement) and the styling leaves much to be desired to my eye, though unique. Definitely a big bang for the buck. I haven’t been motivated to either sell or trade in my 2011 on the latest model as I like the boxier, classic styling of mine better. However, I like this 2022 design even though it is an evolution of the present Range Rover, as it is neat new iteration of the classic Range Rover design. It works for me at least!

  3. While out shopping this week I noticed a RR parked in front of WallMart. Bald tires on 22+ inch gangsters rims. The Suburban and Yukon drivers just laughed and rolled by.

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