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April 13, 2024

Design Critique: Buick Wildcat

by Wallace Wyss –

Passenger cars in coupe or sedan form? Don’t look at Buick. They dropped them in the US in ’21. They make crossovers and SUVs for America now. But in other countries there are Buick sedans and coupes, particularly in China where Buicks are a revered marque because an Emperor chose that brand back in the day ( I thought Communists were immune to Royal influence?)

Buick Wildcat

Maybe to prepare us for when there might be a Buick that’s not a crossover and not an SUV, Buick is showing a concept called the Wildcat, dredging up an old name for what was decades ago a hot performing model.

Here’s my take on the design:

FRONT Boring grille. Puzzling small space if that notch is supposed to be for a front license plate. Huge scoops on corners of grille look big enough to shove in rocks and gravel.

Buick Wildcat

REAR The flat rear window is harkening back to sports cars of the ’60s (250GT0) The taillights are a daring shape. Something about this angle or direct view reminds you of a Volvo.

Buick Wildcat

SIDE Exciting pillarless coupe hardtop though if you squint wasn’t that the roofline on some ancient American Motors car? Wheel wells cut provocatively high. Side sculpturing different with at least the bulge to the rear which encourages wider wheels in the rear (though without rear wheel drive, useless to have wider wheels in the rear) That’s the most exciting view–a close up of rear fender cutout being so close to side window.

Buick Wildcat

The roof flip up doors look to be convenient for entrance and exit but if they leak when the car gets older like sunroofs do, wouldn’t be worth the extra expense to order them.

INTERIOR We’re used to electronic screen dashboards as much as 30″ wide. Extending the console to between two rear seats puts the kibosh on five passengers including the driver.

Buick Wildcat

IN SUM… The design is curiously old, could be 20 years old except for modern headlights and taillights. But maybe it’s not for us in the US but for China.

Buick Wildcat

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Wallace Wyss art

THE AUTHOR: A fine artist by trade, Wyss comments on car design in his commissioned oil paintings.


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Design Critique: Buick Wildcat
Article Name
Design Critique: Buick Wildcat
Maybe to prepare us for when there might be a Buick that's not a crossover and not an SUV, Buick is showing a concept called the Wildcat, dredging up an old name for what was decades ago a hot performing model.


  1. It’s beautiful. Complete design integrity – unlike, for example, Corvette which looks like it was designed by a committee. Is this car designed in Detroit? I think it would sell well in USA.

  2. Glen Durmisevich says

    Not sure why you say it looks old. Could it be that it has smoother sculptural forms instead of hack and slash creases? The front is a bit over done but overall I think it is a clean beautiful statement.

  3. Wes Stewart says

    I still prefer the Avista.

  4. Rob Krantz says

    I like it. Would be nice to have Buick passenger cars again. I’ve seen Buick concept cars at auto shows in the past and have generally thought they were good looking and Buick designers did great design work. I hope the SUV pendulum swings back to passenger cars.

  5. Arthur Salo says

    I think that boring grille is gorgeous!!

  6. Upon first sight I thought “wow”. And it’s a Buick? Damn, I wonder what the interior looks like.

  7. Second comment for me! The only objection I have is the “B U I C K” at the top of the front window and the decidely incongruous Buick crests at the leading edge of the hood.

    • It does seem like the badging was an after thought. The “B U I C K” should be on either the front hood or the rear trunk and the logo should be on the other end.

  8. it could also easily evolve into a sportback – like the Panamera sportback

  9. Ok, now I see the photo of the interior. Just as interesting as the exterior. Lots of glass, lots of heat gain?

  10. wallace wyss says

    That’s the wrong interior. I realized that when I see no flip up roof pieces. They have at least two Electra concepts–I’ll find pictures of some others.Yes all those glass roofs, if there’s no way to turn the roof dark, fully opaque, at the press of a button, that’s bad. Otherwise in Phoenix in the summer. you would baste like a turkey.

    • Wes Stewart says

      My 2018 GTI SE was only available with a sun roof. What a dumb option; I’ve had it open about 5 or 6 times. Fortunately it has a interior shade. When I was out running errands today, it was 110 degrees in Tucson.

  11. Thanks Heavens!!!!! it is not another SUV !!!!!!!! Thanks thanks thanks !!!!!!!

  12. Looks like an Acura.

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