My Car Quest

July 17, 2024

Cars on the Streets During Monterey Car Week

by Mike Gulett - One fun thing I like to do during Monterey Car Week is to drive around and look at the cars being driven or parked on the streets. These drivers with their cars create their own car show especially in downtown … [Read more...]

Cars on the Street During Monterey Car Week

by Mike Gulett Saturday of Monterey Car Week is the day for Concorso Italiano but because I recently posted Concorso Italiano Revisited – 2014 I thought I would post some photos of Cars on the Street, which is something I try to do every … [Read more...]

Is This A 1956 Bentley R-Type Continental by H. J. Mulliner?

by Mike - I saw this stunning Bentley in the parking lot of a local restaurant recently in between rain storms. What a beauty it is - I had to do some research to try and figure out the model and year. Most cars of this caliber are seen … [Read more...]