My Car Quest

February 22, 2024

The Ferrari In The Lake

Yes, it's a multi-million dollar car now, but it's how it got there that's the story... by Wallace Wyss - I suppose some Ferrari owners are what we middle class kids used to call “snooty.” One of the snootiest I ever met was a TV producer … [Read more...]

A Ferrari Fit For A Princess – Update

by Mike - This light green Ferrari with the dark red top was a real eye catcher and is the reason that it was on display as visitors entered the Gooding auction tent in Pebble Beach a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful attraction hinting at what … [Read more...]

The Scaglietti Ferrari With The Special Fins

by Mike - In the photos of the Rossellini Ferrari designed by Scaglietti I noticed fins that reminded me of another Ferrari also designed by Scaglietti. Here are my photos from the Carmel on the Avenue event this past August in Carmel, … [Read more...]