My Car Quest

November 29, 2022

Iso Isetta: The Big Little Car

by Mike Gulett - The Isetta is physically a small car but as an idea and a design concept it had a big impact on the automobile industry. Conceived and developed by the Italian motor scooter and motorcycle company, Iso, it was a brilliant idea … [Read more...]

Did This BMW Isetta Sell On Ebay Or Not?

by Mike - Maybe you saw the advertisement for the ebay auction of this red BMW Isetta recently. Below is an image of the end of the eBay auction (click on the image for a better view). I followed the eBay auction and was surprised when … [Read more...]

Iso Celebrates The 50th Anniversary of Its First GT Car

by Mike - Renzo Rivolta, the founder of Iso Automobili S.p.a. an Italian automobile manufacturer, was a visionary. After the devastation heaped upon Italy by WWII he saw the need for inexpensive transportation for Italy and all of Europe. … [Read more...]