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March 2, 2024

Prototype And Production – A Few Differences For The Iso Grifo

The Iso Grifo A3/L Prototype sold in Scottsdale at the Gooding January 2018 auction for $1,760,000. Gooding also has an early Iso Grifo (No. 009) coming up for auction in Monterey. The estimate is: $500,000 - $600,000. I thought some of you might … [Read more...]

The Iso Grifo Prototype Is For Sale

Sold for $1,760,000. by Mike - The one-of-a-kind Iso Grifo Prototype does not come up for sale often but here it is up for auction. This is the first Iso Grifo and the design style represents what Giorgetto Giugiaro of Bertone had in … [Read more...]

The Iso Grifo A3/L Prototype – Black & White Photos And Typewriters

by Mike - Remember when there were black and white photos and typewriters, or printed letters on paper? Years ago when I used film I would use black and white film sometimes because it was cheaper than color film. The black and white photos … [Read more...]

The Iso Grifo Prototype Style Compared To The Production Iso Grifo

by Mike - There are a few design differences between the first Iso Grifo, the A3/L prototype, and the production Iso Grifo. You would expect this because it is probably true for every car. Prototypes are designed to look great and to impress … [Read more...]

Iso Grifo: The First, The Last And The One After That

by Mike - There are many stories that come out of Monterey Car Week. The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering was especially interesting because of the celebration of Iso Rivolta classic cars. There were fifteen Iso Grifo models at The Quail out of a … [Read more...]