My Car Quest

February 24, 2020

Phil Remington Has Died

by Mike - Fans of auto racing have lost another great one - Phil Remington died on February 8 at the age of 92. He made many contributions to auto racing and he will be remembered as a key contributor to elevating American road racing to the … [Read more...]

A Famous Race Car Transporter In Carmel

by Mike - This race car transporter was sold recently in Monterey by RM Auctions for $990,000. This must be one of the most storied race car transporters in history. This was a transporter for the Lance Reventlow Scarab team and later the … [Read more...]

Sound of Speed, The F1 Scarab: – 1960 – Part 2

by Mike - The story of Lance Reventlow and his Scarab race cars fascinates me. I hope you enjoy these videos that were introduced to me by Scott, a My Car Quest reader. Part 1 is Sound of Speed, The F1 Scarab: – 1960. The You Tube … [Read more...]

Sound of Speed, The F1 Scarab: – 1960 – Part 1

  by Mike - One of the readers of My Car Quest, Scott, introduced me to this video on You Tube. In this video below you will see Lance Reventlow drive the Scarab F1 in anger. This video was written and directed by Bruce … [Read more...]

How To Create A Great Race Car – The Story of The Scarab

by Mike - I wrote before about Lance Reventlow and the Scarab Race Car but that article was mostly about Lance Reventlow's fascinating life. Here I want to discuss the classic Scarab cars and the experts who helped Lance Reventlow build these fast … [Read more...]

Lance Reventlow and The Scarab Race Car

by Mike -  Race Cars and Hollywood I am surprised that the story of Lance Reventlow has not been made into a Hollywood movie. It has all of the elements of a blockbuster: Rich mother, one race car driving stepfather, and another … [Read more...]