My Car Quest

July 24, 2024

Events: Doin’ The Huff – October 22, 2022

Bo Huff Rockabilly Car Show (Huffarama) that is - San Manuel Stadium San Bernardino, California. Text by Wallace Wyss and photos by Richard Bartholomew - As an automotive reporter, I go to a lot of car shows. Some are sponsored by automakers, … [Read more...]

1938 International Harvester

Text and photos by Wallace Wyss - You know those scenes in the old Westerns about the cavalry where some guy--maybe Charleton Heston--is getting stripped of his badges of rank and busted down to private first class? Well, I think when I put … [Read more...]

Rat Rod Photos

by Mike - Recently Wallace Wyss wrote about the interesting subject of Rat Rods. Below are a few photos of this phenomenon from my files. Rat Rods Faux Rat Rod A Faux Rat Rod has had paint applied to look like … [Read more...]

Are Rat Rods The Dadaists Of The New Century?

by Wallace Wyss - Way back in time, in the ‘20s I think it was there was this movement in art called the Dadaists and basically they made fun of the other fine artists, holding fake exhibitions that would lead you to a bathroom and so … [Read more...]