My Car Quest

October 20, 2021

Raymond Loewy Had Difficulty With His Jaguar XKE Even After He Redesigned It

by Mike - Raymond Loewy , wrote a letter to the editor of Road & Track magazine, Dean Batchelor, in March 1968 to let him know that he had just bought a new Firebird 400 from Jim Wangers and to complain about his problems with his Jaguar … [Read more...]

Raymond Loewy – The Great Industrial Designer Also Designed Cars For Studebaker

by Mike - November 5 was the birthday of Raymond Loewy who many consider to be the father of industrial design. He spent most of his career designing company logos, Coke machines, the paint job on Air Force One, trains and a couple of cars for … [Read more...]

Why Redesign Perfection?

by Mike - When I was reading through the October 1966 issue of Road & Track recently I saw this photo below and immediately recognized the car as one that I saw at the Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance in Beverly Hills in June 2012. Raymond … [Read more...]

American Power And American Styling

by Mike - These three classic American cars are unique for different reasons. Studebaker Avanti 1963 Studebaker Avanti - some people love this style and some may not love it. But it is uniquely an American design. The body is … [Read more...]