My Car Quest

June 20, 2024

Opinion: The Dangers of Motorcycles

by Wallace Wyss - One of the strangest things I ever saw was a man whose head, face and shoulders were encrusted in tiny bits of glass. He'd been through a car windshield not once but dozens of times. This was many decades ago. In college, I … [Read more...]

More Airbag Problems

by Mike - Many things we do everyday involve some amount of risk and driving cars, riding motorcycles or flying in airplanes are no exceptions. Engineers invent products to reduce the risk and sometimes those products do not function properly. … [Read more...]

Airbags: From Life Savers to Killers on the Prowl

by Wallace Wyss - Remember when air bags were announced? Oh, we would still have seat belts, and there would still be a law to buckle them but the saving grace of every serious accident would be the air bag. Now the air bag has turned into our … [Read more...]