My Car Quest

May 30, 2024

Opinion: The Dangers of Motorcycles

by Wallace Wyss - One of the strangest things I ever saw was a man whose head, face and shoulders were encrusted in tiny bits of glass. He'd been through a car windshield not once but dozens of times. This was many decades ago. In college, I … [Read more...]

Collector Motorcycles Are Becoming Even More Collectable

by Mike - For many motorcycle enthusiasts, the greatest thrill comes from riding their bikes on a regular basis. However, there are more and more people who not only love to ride, but who also acquire collector motorcycles - rare and unique … [Read more...]

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

by Mike - The Quail Motorcycle Gathering celebrates the Evolution of the Motorcycle, honouring both pre- and post-war eras of the world’s finest sports and racing bikes. I attended this event for the first time this past Saturday. Since the … [Read more...]