My Car Quest

April 26, 2018

Another Porsche 356 Mystery Car

Is it the Holy Grail of Lost 356 Prototypes or just another VW-based custom? by Wallace Wyss - Back at the beginning of Porsche, you might say all options were open because, at that converted sawmill in Gmund that they were using for … [Read more...]

A New Classic Car Auction Is Coming To Monterey

by Mike - The auction is new but the guy running it is not new. He is Rick Cole the classic car guy who started the whole auction scene in Monterey in 1986 around the Historic Races and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance every … [Read more...]

A Ferrari Mystery – Is It The Ferrari 412S Or The Ferrari 412MI?

by Mike - After reading The Ferrari 412S story Dennis Gray, a photographer who regularly publishes in Sports Car Digest and a regular reader of My Car Quest sent this note below, Phil Hill identified the car to me as a 412MI not a 412S. The … [Read more...]

Phil Hill Drove It But George Tilp Didn’t Buy It – The Ferrari 412S

by Mike - How would you like to take a track tour with Phil Hill and Dan Gurney around Watkins Glen? Me too - read on. I was introduced to the interesting history of George Tilp by one of his nephews, Geoffrey Horton. Geoffrey introduced me to … [Read more...]

The Ferrari 750 Monza Spider Sold In Paris

by Mike - A Ferrari 750 Monza Spider race car raced by Phil Hill was up for auction at the RM auction in Paris on 5 February 2014. It is the Ferrari Monza that George Tilp once owned. In another Ferrari he installed the custom made Offenhauser … [Read more...]

Who Was George Tilp? – A Big Phil Hill Supporter – Part Two

by Mike - Geoffrey Horton told me that his uncle, George Tilp, would bring his old race cars to his farm in New Jersey and let family members drive them around the farm. Below is a photo of 12 year old Geoffrey Horton doing just that in 1960. … [Read more...]

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