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February 23, 2024

A Few Photos From Pebble Beach

by Mike –

I arrived at Pebble Beach at 7:00AM today and left around noon. After a light lunch in Carmel I drove home in the Iso Grifo. I will post more about Monterey Car Week later this week.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Ferrari in the preservation class

Ferrari in the preservation class

Pebble Beach poster


  1. Thank you Mike for making my day with the TZ2 pic. Is it Peter Sedorik’s car? Actually any Alfa pic would make my day )). Thank you for the great gallery.

    • The Car Guide says this Alfa TZ is owned by David and Ginny Sydorick. It seems like the close spelling of the last name cannot be an accident, so it is probably the car you are thinking of.

  2. bruce caron says

    Great pictures Mike. The Iso Grifo A3 and the red Alfa are stunning.

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