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December 6, 2023

It’s Tough Out Here On A Blogger

by Mike –

The Telegraph (from the UK) published my story today about the Coys Iso Grifo Fiasco. However, they did not give credit to the original source which is me.

They quote one of my sources who sent a private email to me (that I published) and they quote Coys who also sent an email message to me originally responding to my articles on this subject. I published the Coys statement which The Telegraph repeated.

My Car Quest was the original source for this story going back to before the auction.

Everything in The Telegraph story was previously published on My Car Quest. But now more people will read it on The Telegraph, so that is good.

I like the way that the Hemmings Daily handled it.

Read the original Posts with more detail here.

Iso Grifo Prototype - mid 1970s

Iso Grifo Prototype – mid 1970s

It's Tough Out Here On A Blogger
Article Name
It's Tough Out Here On A Blogger
The Telegraph of the UK publishes my story without crediting the original source (me).

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