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September 26, 2020

Here Are Photos You Don’t See Everyday

by Mike –

I was searching through my photo archives and came across these photos which are all a little unusual.

I hope you like them.

Valentino Balboni and the Iso Rivolta Prototype

This special Iso, the only surviving Iso Rivolta GT Prototype, sold recently here on My Car Quest.

Valentino Balboni, the former Lamborghini test driver, had a chance to inspect it and drive it.

Valentino Balboni and the Iso Rivolta Prototype

Valentino Balboni and the Iso Rivolta Prototype

Iso Rivolta Prototype

Iso Rivolta GT Prototype

De Tomaso Mangusta with a leatherette covered front bumper

Jeff Cobb of Baton Rouge, Louisiana owns this unique Mangusta, which he says is a Ford prototype.

De Tomaso Mangusta

De Tomaso Mangusta

De Tomaso Mangusta

Rolls Royce in camouflage

These two lovely people from Oregon were supporting the Wounded Warrior Project.

Rolls Royce in camouflage

Rolls Royce in camouflage

Rolls Royce in camouflage photos by Mike Clarke.

Rolls Royce whiskey hauler

I know nothing about this except it was in beautiful condition.

Rolls Royce whiskey hauler

Lamborghini Tractor

We all know Lamborghini built farm equipment before sports cars and here is a tractor to prove it.

Lamborghini Tractor

Iso Grifo 7-Liter on the road

As we were leaving Concorso Italiano in August 2015 I noticed Charley Lillard in his Grifo 7-Liter taking my photo, or more correctly, he was taking a photo of my Grifo so I returned the favor.

Iso Grifo 7-Liter

Dirty Ferrari 250 GTE

No one would let their Ferrari leave the garage looking like this – unless the Ferrari is on its way to the Gooding auction in Monterey.

Dirty Ferrari 250 GTE


These are very rare and I do not know anything about this example except it was at the Mission Classic this past August in Carmel.



Two Apollo GT Spyders

An Apollo GT Spyder is extremely rare so seeing two next to each other was a treat and if you look close you will notice the red Apollo GT Prototype parked right in front of the two Spyders at Concorso Italiano in 2013.

Apollo GT Spyder

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

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Here Are Photos You Don't See Everyday
Article Name
Here Are Photos You Don't See Everyday
An unusual collection of cool car photos from My Car Quest.


  1. Robb Northrup says

    Mike: Thanks for the pix on the Apollo spyders. The one on the left is No. 2001, the “prototype” convertible. It’s the only one to have the 215 aluminum engine (the rest were Buick 300s). The one on the right is Bob Olsen’s car no. 2010 — all orginal.

    If you look closely, you’ll notice the one on the left — the first convertible — has rear bumpers a few inches lower than the Olsen car. It is the only one with lower bumpers!

    Robb Northrup
    President, Apollo Owners Registry

    • Robb,

      Thanks for the info. Weren’t there 1 or 2 other Apollo Spyders at Concorso that year?

      • Robb Northrup says

        Right you are, Mike. Actually, I was mistaken about the convertible on the left. That is Jack Triplett’s car. Bob Olsen’s car has orginal black leather upholstery. Wuld live to do a story on the convertible’s design if you’d like. Milt Brown worked directly with Franco Scagleone using Ron Plescia’s concept sketches as a basis.


  2. Love the Grifo!

  3. I’d love to hear Balboni’s impression of the Rivolta.

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