My Car Quest

June 22, 2024

Confessions of a Barn Finder: Adventures in (Almost) Paradise

by Wallace Wyss - So when I was a kid I liked this TV series called Adventures in Paradise. I can’t remember much about it except it involved a big schooner, and a studly-looking actor named Gardner McKay. Flash forward about 20 years and … [Read more...]

Remembering John Blatchley of Rolls Royce

A man who shaped Rolls Royce. by Wallace Wyss - It's funny how it all works out. Many decades ago, a 12 year old lad in England named John Blatchley was beset by rheumatic fever and confined to bed for three years. He began sketching. … [Read more...]

Over the Top with Rolls Royce

by Wallace Wyss - I thought the first Rolls Royce custom boat tail, built for a special client, was a bit too fancy by far but, Egad, man, they've done it again and this time it's even more over the top! But the pictures shot at the … [Read more...]

A Custom Rolls Royce Fit for a Duke

When A royal family member had the bloody cheek to customize his Roller. by Wallace Wyss - Don't worry, he did not have flowers painted on it like the mop-haired Beatles. No I think his mods to his classic styled Rolls Royce Phantom V were … [Read more...]

Editorial: US Car Companies Miss An Opportunity

I know we have written about this subject recently but it is frustrating that there are no US car companies trying to compete with Rolls Royce. Is the ultra luxury car market really that uninteresting? - Mike Gulett, Editor by Wallace Wyss - … [Read more...]

Confessions: My (Near) Royal Experience

My first experience with a pre-war V12 Rolls-Royce Phantom III. by Wallace Wyss - The worst thing you can be as a car enthusiast is to be a know-it-all. Especially if you don't know much. So I am embarrassed, retroactively, about the … [Read more...]