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June 21, 2024

More Photos Of The 1955 Vignale Fiat 8V

by Mike –

The article yesterday, The Motel Fiat – An Unrestored Treasure, by Wallace Wyss about a 1955 Vignale Fiat 8V was popular and unfortunately the author had only one photo.

Lucky for us reader, Chris Pascoe, sent in these photos from Concorso Italiano 2011.

1955 Vignale Fiat 8V

1955 Vignale Fiat 8V

1955 Vignale Fiat 8V

1955 Vignale Fiat 8V

What a cool car and a great story.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.



More Photos Of The 1955 Vignale Fiat 8V
Article Name
More Photos Of The 1955 Vignale Fiat 8V
A reader sent in more photos of this rare Vignale Fiat 8V.


  1. Anthony Rainone says

    What a great story and follow up. Certainly a Very Cool Car.

    • Michael Lella says

      Just skimming through the net and found these pictures…
      This car was one of many historic cars that belonged to my eccentric father, Pino Lella, who brought it to the US in the early 50’s while he was a Private Ski Instructor living in the June/ Mammoth Lakes, Ca. area.
      At the time, my Dad had a connection and a passion for rare exotic Italian Cars…. Ferrari’s, Alfa’s and Maserati’s that he would
      find in his native Milano, mostly through his friend, then World GP Ferrari Champion, Alberto Ascari. One of his cars was the original 1948 prototype of the 166 Ferrari Barchetta series, which he raced and sold to Frank Arciero. Another was a custom Vigniale Ferrari, which looked a lot like this Fiat.

      My now reclusive father will be 90 in June, and lives in a small village North Of Milan on Lake Maggiore in Italy.
      I’m sure these pictures will touch his heart.

      On a side note: Anyone interested in a great story connected with these cars should look into NY Best Selling, Pulizer Prize nominee writer, Mark Sullivan’s book “Perilous”. Mark has spent 10 years researching this clandestine story, soon to be published through Amazon… for more info, contact me:

  2. Thom Ollinger says

    Thanks Chris, and thanks Mike. I guess if you want a car to stand out you put dual gas fillers in the back glass. Then have a little door for the spare. Awesome.

  3. wallace wyss says

    thanks for adding the new pictures. Shame on me for not shooting the car at the show while concentrating on the shiny cars.
    I can see in that one rear 3/4 view a little bit of Barracuda roofline. I wish we could see it parked
    alongside the Vignale Ferrari of almost the same style. The Fiat one doesn’t look too “Junior”….at least not as bad as the baby Bizzarrini compared to the grown up one.

  4. Gerry Willburn says

    We knew Al Johnston when he lived in Hawthorn and visited him in Dallas (I think Fort Worth), in 2008.

    I actually drove his 8V Zagato once.

    Gerry Willburn

    PS: Al also had an 8V that once belonged to Lana Turner.

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