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May 30, 2024

The Elegant And Understated Lamborghini Islero

by Mike –

Since when does “elegant and understated” belong in the same sentence with Lamborghini? It does if you are talking about the Islero.

Lamborghini Islero

The Lamborghini Islero was the replacement for the 400GT and was manufactured between 1968 and 1969 with a total of 225 examples being made (100 of those were the ‘S’ version with 350 hp compared to the base model with 325 hp). It is essentially a rebody of the 400GT and is closely related to the Espada which is near and dear to my heart.

Lamborghini Islero

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

The light blue Islero shown here was auctioned by Gooding in Monterey in August 2013.

Lamborghini Islero

Ferruccio Lamborghini ‘s Personal Car

Lamborghini Islero

The Islero
 description from the Gooding catalog,

By 1968, Lamborghini faced a number of challenges. While the dramatic Miura and groundbreaking four-seat Espada had captured the attention of the world, the company needed a successor for the 400 GT 2+2.

Carrozzeria Touring, who built them, had gone into receivership. Lamborghini turned to Carlo Marazzi, a former Touring manager who had taken over the company’s assets.

Together, they redesigned the 400 GT with updated styling which had the added benefit of being less expensive to build. The result was the Islero.

With the four-liter, 320 hp V-12 and its elegant, simple, clean styling, it was exactly the kind of “businessman’s express” closest to Ferruccio Lamborghini’s heart.

This Islero was the personal car of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Islero

Lamborghini Islero engine

It sold at the Gooding auction for $247,500 USD. This is probably the highest price ever paid for an Islero up to that point. The Ferruccio Lamborghini connection made a big difference.

Lamborghini Islero

A wooden gas cap?

The light green Islero shown here was on display at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and the Tour on the Avenue in August 2013.

I must admit that the styling of the Islero has grown on me.

Lamborghini Islero

The Tour on the Avenue

Let us know what you think in the Comments.


Lamborghini Islero Logo

Lamborghini Islero S

Lamborghini Islero S – photo by Bruce Caron at Concorso Italiano – 2013

Lamborghini Islero

Lamborghini Islero – photos by Mike Gulett at the Mission Classic in Carmel, California – 2015

Lamborghini Islero

Lamborghini Islero

Lamborghini Islero

This was originally published in December 2015.

The Elegant And Understated Lamborghini Islero
Article Name
The Elegant And Understated Lamborghini Islero
The beautiful and elegant Lamborghini Islero is related to the Espada and is appreciating in value.


  1. Herbert Putz says

    It is indeed a very beautiful and elegant car, maybe not on first sight though!


  2. Brian Williams says

    One of my favorites. Plenty of clever design details like the rear bumpers. Even looks good in the light green. I had forgotten how few were made.

  3. Bob Schneider says

    Mike, thanks for the Pebble coverage, certainly can see your taste in automotive style. Love the looks of the Islero as much as I do the 400GT. My eye turns away from the Miura simply due to having to view its lines from very specific angles or it just doesn’t work, of course my opinion. This Islero is stunning- that engine, oh my! Perhaps a bit of comic relief is that its steering wheel looks shared with a Fiat 850 that is part of my long ago car memories.

    Long overdue from me is a follow-up on a TR6 that resides next door in the imports garage. The seldom times I make it over to imports from the Volvo garage where I work I had looked for it, usually would occupy a side spot in their service drive. Well, one day recently I had the need of utilizing their detailing department & drove over & thru the garage to the back where detailing is & there in the corner, covered up, there it is. So I asked & it does belong to business family member & family is extensive. Another time I find out more- I’m sure there’s a story to be had.

    Bob Schneider

  4. Chris Lackner says

    Always had a soft spot for the Islero. I read that all the glass is single curvature, which helped keep costs down

  5. Bruce Caron says

    I’ve always loved these cars. Great choice for your blog.

  6. I have always loved that bold interior coloring…

  7. I feel the same way about the Islero as you do, Mike, elegant and understated. It’s a true gentleman’s express, a grand touring car. I remember seeing one in Lisbon, Portugal in the 80’s parked on the street. It was clearly being used and enjoyed by someone. If I saw any after that, it would be at classic car dealerships but not on the street again. I’ve always loved that car for the reasons you stated in your description. Oh, and the Lamborghini V12 up front, of course.

  8. Glenn Krasner says

    Really one of the most clean and beautiful GT cars ever made by anybody. Have always loved it! Thanks for posting this!

  9. I’d recognize that wooden gas cap anywhere! This is the car that was shown at our event in Cincinnati, The Ault Park Concours d’Elegance, now re-named the Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance, celebrating our 40th year this June 11th. The collector that now owns this car shows every year and has a stunning collection of mainly Italian beauties. You can see a photo of this car on our website, in the gallery section for 2014 when it took Best of Class.

  10. As the former owner of 6201 and the person who originally restored the car I am quite familiar with it… When the car came in from Italy it had the wooden gas cap on it and I still have a copy of the letter from Mr. Lamborghini who said I hope the new owner enjoys the car as much as I did… What I can tell you is that this car was breathed on at the factory and i have never driven a V-12 Lamborghini that goes like this thing does… It was in very solid condition and just showing its age cosmetically when I got the car.. Who ever owns the car now has something quite special. I enjoyed the car for about 10 years.

    • Jim,

      I am impressed with your work even more now. When I saw this Islero in Pebble Beach in 2013 I was stunned by the beauty and the color combination. It may be the best Islero in the world especially considering its history.

      • Joseph Wiser says

        Great Article Mike. A truest classsic automobile. Art meets performance. Do you or anyone on this chain know what color blue that car is finished in? Was it a stock Lamborghini color in1968? It’s an absolutely stunning combo. Thank you!

      • Thanks Mike, I enjoyed that car for a number of years, it was a real pleasure to get to restore it… glad its still being enjoyed…

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