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April 16, 2024

Dream Cars That Didn’t Make It: 2005 Chrysler Firepower

by Wallace Wyss –

Who can we complain to when prototypes are not green lighted for production? And, can we complain a decade or so later?

If the answer to the second question is “Yes” here is my complaint. Get it to the right people. Chrysler shoulda made the Firepower. (And still can…I say)

Chrysler Firepower

The hood vents are Ferrari inspired

Why? Because the Viper, as sleek and muscular as it was, was one body style but it represented American brute power—sort of a body builder’s dream of what a sports car should be, where the Firepower looked more European, more like something from Aston Martin except for the excessively chrome-laden grille

It had a fabulous interior though the word “glitz” comes to mind. The designers credited (and rarely do designers names get mentioned in Detroit), are Brandon Faurote, Brian Nielander and Greg Howell.

Chrysler Firepower

The upper side vent is a tad too long, look where the gas cap is

It was steel bodied, and used the SRT 6.1 liter V8 mated to the LAX large sedan transmission. The axle suspension and brakes were all from the Viper.

I think what killed it was the goal to sell 45,000 of them at $65,000 each. Way way too ambitious. Why not 5,000 of them at $75,000 each? As long as they underpriced Aston Martin and Ferrari.

Chrysler Firepower

Magna Decoma, an outside firm, built some full bodies. I have only seen this blue one but if you see one another color maybe there’s more than one.

You kind of wonder, too if a mere 3 or 4 speed automatic would have been enough. Today if they ever resurrected the design, it would have to have a 9 or 10 speed. The top speed was estimated to be 174 mph.

Chrysler recently discontinued the Viper. I think they should bring it back, maybe with an electric motor or two in addition to a twin turbo V8 so it can have “hybrid” status and be cruised in the diamond lane with only the driver aboard. Ferrari already announced no new Ferraris will be made in the future without hybrid status.

Chrysler Firepower

Bit of a blind rear three quarter view but hey it’s dramatic

Chrysler Firepower

The flaw of the front end is the the grille is too big and chrome laden

I mean, let’s talk turkey here, here’s GM trying to be oh-so-au courant with a mid-engine Corvette when all some of the public wants is not so high tech but just a long hood, a big engine and a Euro look with lower cost American engine maintenance.

It reminds me of the Chrysler Crossfire.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Wallace Wyss

Wallace Wyss

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss is the author of 18 car books. He has been a guest speaker on design at the Art Center College of Design.


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Dream Cars That Didn't Make It: 2005 Chrysler Firepower
Article Name
Dream Cars That Didn't Make It: 2005 Chrysler Firepower
The 2005 Chrysler Firepower should have gone into production - it would have been a big hit.


  1. SKIP HINOJOS says


  2. Rob Krantz says

    A beautiful concept car. I too wish they had produced it. Chrysler is a design leader and has always made some great looking cars. This is way prettier and more practical than the Prowler was and nicer looking than the Crossfire. This would have been a home run IMO

  3. Max Katz says

    Ok I agree. The idea reminds me of the 2 panoz I own, European flair with reliability of American muscle…gorgeous car.

  4. phil alvirez says

    of course reminds us of the crossfire. it is a follow-up. and is just as fantastic as it.
    yes, the face (front) is a little bit too much. too large intake. the style is good, just needs a little bit of refinement.
    just as what happened with the concept car of the crossfire. (the face was too blunt).

  5. phil alvirez says

    or just changing to something like this:
    also look at the rear shape alternative too.

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