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March 2, 2024

An Open Letter To An Ad Agency Creative Director

Lamborghinis and purses…

by Wallace Wyss –

Dear Daniel Lee:

Having once written ads for major automakers (Chevrolet, Toyota) and even one not so major (Lancia) I always look at ads.

Even clothing ads. It has mystified me for years why prestige brands of clothing have such dumb cars in the background, behind the models, things like old Chryslers or Fords. I think it is because the automakers are not paying them to get their cars in the background so they choose as nondescript a car as possible, so no one would ever think they are pumping up the car brand as well as their garments.

Then you’ve got your employer, Bottega Veneta over there in Italy. You have created an ad campaign for them that has a proper exotic car (though the gold cladding is a bit much) and a beautiful shapely model and photography by Tyrone Lebon but what has me seriously concerned that somebody is going to get clobbered by some dumb art director’s idea of hanging the car from a chain.


Yes, hanging it.

I can’t even tell what car it is, I’m going to say Lamborghini. But I think lifting a car like that will cause various liquids to drip out and be one helluva fire hazard once you get it back on the ground. It’s not the way cars are supposed to be displayed.

If I was the automaker, I’d sue. If I was a rental agency that rented it, I’d complain because that might have not been in the contract.

You were quoted on the site BagAddicts saying “Strength, sensuality, being in the moment. Bottega Veneta is about defining a point of view, a new way of seeing subtle individuality, and then subverting that status.”

Well, I think you subverted the supercar to being a mere bauble. Anyway I hope you haven’t started a trend because this is bizarre. I mean cars like that are made to be driven…and driven hard, not hung like pendants on some giant’s neck chain. Go over to S’ant Agata where they make Lamborghinis and ask to be taken for a test drive….forza!

Respectfully yours,

Wallace Wyss

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Wallace Wyss

THE AUTHOR: Wyss was an award winning ad writer at Clinton Frank and Campbell Ewald agencies in Detroit.



Photos compliments of Bottega Veneta.
An Open Letter To An Ad Agency  Creative Director
Article Name
An Open Letter To An Ad Agency Creative Director
This is no way to treat a Lamborghini.


  1. Wally, the times that cars you are seeing in ads are actually photographed on location are long gone. Nowadays most of the photography is done in the studio with separate photography at location minus the car. All of that is later put together in painstaking work on the computer to put those impressive images together we see in advertisements or brochures. It seems to be obvious that only a small car model was used for these shots you criticize. Anything else might have very well been created in photo shop or other editing software even if it were a real car, it would definitely not hang upside down on a chain.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  2. I think it’s a die cast model car, and photoshopped to the photos of the human models.
    BTW I saw an Aventador Roadster on the wall(!) in Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese.
    Source of the photo:

  3. Then there is one other consideration and that is most ad agency people are for the most part not really car people… and neither care about the cars or what they are subjecting them to nor even in many cases know what the car they are using is about at all… sad how many car museums have curators that know precious little about the cars they have other than what they have been told.

  4. imwithstoopid says

    Have’n a bad day, are we? LOL

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