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April 19, 2024

A Moment of Respite


We know, we know, this coronavirus is sucking up 96% of the news and the thoughts of many of us. First, if you have just come across My Car Quest for the first time, we apologize for not featuring very much about the virus but instead we focus on the history, the personalities, the engineering, the design, the marketing, the art and dare we say the fun of driving cars.

Yes, fun. Remember that? We know it seems shocking to those whose lives at present are totally consumed by the fallout from the virus but we are continuing our same focus on My Car Quest because we think our most useful role is to be a shelter, a virtual safe haven, a respite from The Scourge, a place where you can go if you have a spare five minutes from All That Besets Us Now. If you are living under shelter-in-place orders as we both are then you may have a few spare minutes.

Yes, we’ll still be talking about esoteric things like Pininfarina vs Bertone vs Zagato, Ford vs Ferrari and all the other stuff that interested us before the pandemic. What we want to hear from you is comments at the end of articles; your opinions, your experiences with your own cars or barn finds or just-missed cars, the woulda-coulda-shouldas that we’ve all experienced. It will help us all with the stress.

Come here to take a few minutes shelter from the storm and ride along with us. It ain’t over yet…


Mike Gulett, Publisher

Wallace Wyss, Prolific Writer and Artist


Let us know what you think in the Comments.



  1. Great News: Santa Cruz Sentinel and a few other sources report the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is moving forward as scheduled. Further inspiration comes from a friend who received confirmation about participation in the Concours and was told all necessary documents were on the way. Yay!

  2. T. Speer says

    Lots of people crowded together. Wow, what a great idea.

  3. August is still a long way to go and we’re getting cars ready as usual. I just hope this will all work out and the event will only happen when everybody is safe. Especially because for the people I prepare cars for it will be THE biggest Pebble Beach year since decades. Let’s put our combined mindpower (and intelligence) behind it and make sure Corona is a long forgotten word by then! (Yep, I’m a born optimist!)

  4. Yeah, I’m being optimistic as it is 4 1/2 months away and yes, circumstances will be evaluated along the way and closer to time. I’m trusting them to make the right decision. While it is too soon to tell, my 27 years experience with events, including the launch of Concorso italiano, Carmel Concours on the Avenue, World Classic Auction and Exposition’s Monterey Auction now delivered by RM Sotheby’s, and the return of Rick Cole Auctions for each founder tells me these events must plan and work on things well ahead of time if they are gonna happen. Sponsors, vendors, event book, entries, service providers, transporters, staff, volunteers…they have to act now in hope that it’s a go later and can’t wait a few months out before suddenly putting things in motion on such a grand scale. I feel for the organizers. It’s a heavy load on their shoulders right now. The collector car industry is literally hanging by a Monterey thread. Major auctions have cancelled numerous events leading up to August. Everyone is hoping by some miracle we will all be enjoying a happy and healthy Car Week.

  5. Bruce Caron says

    MYCARQUEST.COM a welcome escape to an alternative reality.

  6. I do not want to be the bearer of bad news but this coronavirus is not going to leave us alone anytime soon.

    Remember Pebble Beach is only one part of Monterey Car Week and all the organizers of each event and auction do not coordinate with each other plus Monterey County and the State of California will have a say in weather Monterey Car Week happens or not.

    And if it does happen to go on as scheduled how many people will decide to skip it this year?

    An article in the Washington Post on April 4 said,

    “The novel coronavirus pandemic already has canceled or postponed the NCAA tournament, the Olympics and Wimbledon. It has jeopardized the NBA playoffs, the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Masters and the baseball and soccer seasons. It is possible the rest of the 2020 sports calendar, including college football and the NFL, also will be lost, according to interviews with and public comments from more than a dozen sports leaders and public health experts. Most stressed the uncertainty in such a fluid situation.”

    If all these major sports events have been canceled we should think maybe Monterey Car Week could be canceled too.

    Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

  7. Ken Phillips says

    Mike is right. But maybe the Pebble Beach patrons would be a little less excitable than the Spring Brake players and more likely to maintain the rules of the “house”. The flight out might be the most dangerous part.

  8. The flight is DEFINITELY the most dangerous part.

  9. Questa pandemia non è ancora finita…..ormai sono due anni e ancora non se ne vede la fine !!! Inoltre ci sono situazioni poco chiare e molto ambigue dal punto di vista politico con le relative e pesanti ricadute sociali. Qui in Italia da questo punto di vista siamo messi proprio male !!! Temo molto per la nostra libertà, la nostra Democrazia, la nostra Costituzione e i nostri diritti !!! Tanto da farmi pensare che quello che accade in tal senso poco o niente ha a che fare con la pandemia !!! Ringrazio molto tutti voi della vostra redazione per la possibilità che mi offrite di poter avere un attimo di sana e pura distrazione da questi temibili eventi grazie alla vostra passione per le auto che condivido anche io. Un caro saluto e un grazie sincero per le vostre belle parole !!!

    Translated by Google,

    This pandemic is not over yet ….. it’s been two years now and there is still no end in sight !!! Furthermore, there are situations that are unclear and very ambiguous from a political point of view with the relative and heavy social repercussions. Here in Italy from this point of view we are in really bad shape !!! I am very afraid for our freedom, our Democracy, our Constitution and our rights !!! So much so that I think that what happens in this sense has little or nothing to do with the pandemic !!! Thank you very much to all of you in your editorial team for the opportunity you offer me to have a moment of healthy and pure distraction from these terrifying events thanks to your passion for cars which I also share.

    Best wishes and sincere thanks for your kind words !!!

  10. It has been an interesting two years for certain. Praying for everyone to have good health, and for true peace on earth right now. We need both desperately.

  11. Starr Georgiann Leight says

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