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June 6, 2023

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Editorial: The Times They Are A-Changin’….

by Wallace Wyss - It is the title to a Bob Dylan song but I never thought those words would be so true as now vis-a-vis the automobile. For years our American automakers would plod along at a snail's pace; Ford adding a hood scoop here, … [Read more...]

Editorial: On Car Clubs

by Wallace Wyss - I spent a few hours with the Cobra Owners Club of America Orange County last weekend and was able to contemplate what a good club is. The club had a nice dinner at a yacht club (it's California and there were paddle … [Read more...]

The Basic Guide to Buying a Car

No matter how many times I buy a car, the process never ceases to excite me. Although things have changed extensively from when I bought a car for the first time, I continue to learn more about buying a car every time I undergo the purchase … [Read more...]

Advertising: Chevy Advertises The ’66 Chevy!

by Wallace Wyss - When I was a Detroit ad copywriter back in the Sixties one account I toiled on was the Chevrolet account. Only occasionally could I "waste space" talking about the great Chevys of the past, like the time I wrote a Corvette … [Read more...]

Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident is always a frightening experience that leads to questions such as, “Who will pay for my injuries and damaged vehicle?” In fact, there may be so many questions about what to do that without the help of an experienced truck accident … [Read more...]

The New Ferrari Daytona SP3 Icona

And the band plays on.... by Wallace Wyss - The announcement by Ferrari that they were introducing a new model that will be V12 powered, cruise at 200 mph and cost $2,025,000 came as a surprise in that I thought all the automakers were … [Read more...]