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July 23, 2024

Archives for December 2021

GM Could Have Been The World Leader In Electric Car Technology

The 1966 GM Electrovair II Electric Car could have led GM to world leadership in electric vehicles today, instead... by Mike Gulett I know in 1966 no one was really thinking seriously about electric cars but yet General Motors designed and … [Read more...]

Detroit’s Only Course to Fight Tesla: The Chewing Off the Leg Gambit

by Wallace Wyss - There is a dynamic duo of Tesla super fans that's on YouTube with a show called Tesla Time News. They've posted hundreds of videos analyzing Tesla's growth. I don't know what stock price they got into Tesla with but suffice to … [Read more...]

The Architect’s Choice-Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1940 Lincoln Continental

by Wallace Wyss - In these pages there has sometimes been discussion of why someone wants to own a classic car. On occasion, that discussion centers on what famous personage, if any, owned it. Here's one I can say is very … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays To All

My best wishes to you all with the hopes for a safe and healthy holidays. … [Read more...]

My Morgan Adventure – A Lost And Found Race Car

I think all car enthusiasts have a dream of finding a special car that no one else knows about. The usual dream is the "barn find". Here we have the story of a lost and found Morgan factory built race car that was lost for many years and found … [Read more...]

How Long After a Car Accident Can You Be Sued?

With so many millions of cars, trucks, and other vehicles on the roads every day, it is not surprising to discover that vehicle accidents are common. That means it is almost just a matter of time before even the most careful drivers are involved in a … [Read more...]