My Car Quest

June 7, 2023

Is Titanium The Answer For Better, Faster, More Affordable Cars Of The Future?

Cars are available in a huge range of makes and models, and are easily differentiated by their shape, size, style, design and functionality – but have you ever stopped to think about the hidden insides of your car, what it’s made from, and why? Many … [Read more...]

Can A Person Be Charged With DUI For Only One Drink?

You are at a party and although you are the designated driver, you think it will be okay to have just one drink early in the evening. Unfortunately, you get into a disagreement with the host and you are forced to depart early. You hear the sound of … [Read more...]

Today Is Thanksgiving in America

by Mike Gulett - This is a Thanksgiving like no other in our lifetime thanks to the novel coronavirus which is infecting and killing us at a record pace. Even those of us not directly impacted by the virus have had our lives turned upside … [Read more...]

There Will Always Be An England – Right?

by Wallace Wyss - I used to love that saying, particularly when thinking of how, with stiff upper lips and eyes to the sky, they withstood the Blitz during WWII. But now that the Prime Minister has announced no internal combustion cars will … [Read more...]

Important Qualities to Look For in a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents and other types of vehicular accidents are serious matters. They just don’t result in property damage, but they also result in injuries and even death. No matter how much you practice safe driving on the road, the same can’t be said of … [Read more...]

Business: Tesla Steams Full Speed Ahead…

by Wallace Wyss - It is to laugh, if I didn't have reasons to cry. I'm talking 'bout the Detroit Big Three and their abject failure to match Elon Musk as he built Tesla into the world's leading electric car maker. I grew up in Detroit … [Read more...]