My Car Quest

September 16, 2021

The Bizzarrini Sciabola – A Dream

by Mike - After American Motors dropped the AMX/3 development Giotto Bizzarrini wanted to turn this special super car design into a real product bearing the Bizzarrini badge. Sciabola is an Italian word meaning saber in English. This was the … [Read more...]

AMC AMX/3 For Sale! – See New Pricing!

Advertisement by Mike - The owner of the AMX/3 by Bizzarrini has authorized a price reduction. These very rare super cars almost never come up for sale. But now, owned by the same owner for the last 24 years, AMX/3 by Bizzarrini number 4 is … [Read more...]

The AMX/3 Really Is A Bizzarrini

by Mike - The AMX/3 is just as much a Bizzarrini as any of the models that bear the Bizzarrini badge. The way the AMX/3 was created is very similar to how the Bizzarrini GT 5300 was created. The AMX/3 development was funded by American … [Read more...]

AMC AMX/3 For Sale! – And Sold! – A Bizzarrini Developed Super Car Powered By American Motors

This very rare AMC AMX/3 by Bizzarrini has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way to Germany from Louisiana USA! Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer. by Mike - There were only five AMX/3s made before American Motors shut the … [Read more...]

AMX/3 – Sweet Dreams Unfulfilled

by Mike - In 1969 American Motors Corporation (AMC) was a distant fourth in automobile production in the United States and wanted to do something dramatic to try and change the outlook of their business. They introduced the AMX/3 mid-engine … [Read more...]