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April 18, 2015

The Original ATS 2500 GT Could Have Been A Contender And Now There Is A New One

ATS 2500 GT

by Mike - The new ATS 2500 GT, will be presented today April 16, 2015 at the Top Marques in Monte Carlo. Fifty years after the foundation of Automobili Turismo e Sport, the new ATS set out to produce two exciting models that re-invent … [Read more...]

The 1947 Cisitalia 202 – A Design Masterpiece

Cisitalia 202 Cabriolet

by Mike - "Cisitalia" comes from "Compagnia Industriale Sportiva Italia", an Italian business started in 1946 by the wealthy business man and sportsman Piero Dusio. Dusio was also an amateur race car driver. The 1947 Cisitalia 202 was a … [Read more...]

Iso Grifo And AC Cobra Mk IV – The Video

AC Cobra Mk IV

by Mike - With the moderate climate of the Monterey Peninsula there are many good days for driving a convertible; so now we do so since the AC Cobra Mk IV arrived. I know we need more rain but the days it doesn't rain are all great for a drive in … [Read more...]

Maserati Tipo 151 – A Recreation

Maserati Tipo 151 Recreation

by Mike - A while back Tony Olissoff from New Zealand sent me photos of a Maserati Tipo 151 race car which I later learned no longer exists because it was crashed. Only three Tipo 151s were made to begin with and out of the three only one … [Read more...]

The Dream Of The Bizzarrini Sciabola

Bizzarrini Sciabola Brochure

by Mike - After American Motors dropped the AMX/3 development Giotto Bizzarrini wanted to turn this special super car design into a real product bearing the Bizzarrini badge. Sciabola is an Italian word meaning saber in English. This was the … [Read more...]

Price Reduction – The Maserati Opac Spyder Prototype For Sale

Maserati Opac Spyder Prototype

In 1994 at the 65th Turin Motor Show Opac displayed this very elegant sports convertible based on the Maserati Spyder powered by the Maserati Shamal 3.2 liter V8, 326 bhp, 4-cam, twin turbo engine! This beautiful Maserati Opac Spyder Prototype has … [Read more...]

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