My Car Quest

August 18, 2018

Cars On The Street In Carmel

by Mike - Today I attended the Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue in Carmel-by-the-Sea. I will publish photos of that on another day. Here are my photos of interesting cars on the streets - not in the show - parked on the street or driving around. … [Read more...]

The BMW 507 – They Should Have Made More

by Mike - What a guy that Max Hoffman was. He talked BMW into making the beautiful BMW 507 which we see here (photos from the Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue in August 2016). From 1956 to 1959 BMW only made 252 examples supposedly … [Read more...]

This Lancia Aurelia B20 GT Hot Rod Is Awsome

by Mike - Why don't more owners of classic Italian cars restore them like some American car owners do using hot rod or resto-mod styles? They would not be original but they can be oh so cool, and be better drivers, and even look better as our … [Read more...]

The BMW 1600 GT (Glas)

by Mike - This little 1968 BMW 1600 GT was spotted at the recent Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue during Monterey Car Week. BMW acquires products and technology In the mid-1950s BMW was having financial difficulties and decided to acquire … [Read more...]

Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue

by Mike - It has been a long day for me on my first day of Monterey Car Week, 2016. Today was a great day in downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea for the Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue with people from around the world who came to enjoy great cars, … [Read more...]

Update: Monterey County Wildfire

by Mike - Monterey Car Week for 2016 is underway. Some of you from outside the Monterey County area who are planning to attend Monterey Car Week may not be aware we are in the middle of the largest wild fire in Monterey County in many years, … [Read more...]

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